Are Round Beach Towels Practical

Are Round Beach Towels Practical?

Round beach towels are fun, unique, and stylish. Also, helps you to stand out from the rectangular beach crowd. But are round beach towels practical, too?

The round beach towels actually budded up in the summer of 2013, when Victoria Beattie and Emma Henderson started “The Beach People” in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia. Inspired by the coastal lifestyle, their first collection of round towels became admired globally.

Reasons Why Round Beach Towels are the Most Practical Towels for Seaside

What else is better than unwinding at the beach in style on a beautiful round beach towel?

Which is super absorbent, chic, and large enough to lounge on the sand or wrap yourself when you feel cold.

Besides being stylish, unique, and viral on social media, let’s dig out some of the practical uses of round beach towels aka roundies at the beach:

More Spacious

The giant size circular shape gives more area to move around, flip over, and share space with others.

You can have a great beach picnic, beach bbq party, or simply have a romantic seaside dinner with your loved ones on a round beach towel.

In comparison, you often find yourself struggling to turn around or want to stay safe from the pesky beach sand while laying on a typical terrycloth rectangular beach towel.

In this regard, round beach towels are practically a better choice for lounging carefree on your next seaside vacation.

Unique Appearance

If you still debate about choosing a large rectangular beach towel instead of a round one for having more space. The simple answer is that round towels have a unique look.

They are fun, colorful, and whimsical to be available in food shapes. Some round beach towels have blown up Instagram with their unique food-shape appearance i.e. pizza, watermelon, doughnut, grapefruit, citrus, etc.

Their unique and fun appearance will help you to be spotted easily around the narrow stripes of terrycloth at the beach.

Soft and Comfy

The round beach towels are soft and plush enough to be used as a poke-free nap for your little ones. It gives you a comfy beach sitting and also a cozy beach reading surface.

So, whenever you find yourself struggling for a beachy nap, make sure to have a round towel at the beach.


Another advantage of picking a round beach towel is its versatility. Besides being spacious to share with others, lounging in a carefree style, and easily spotted at the beach, the round beach towels are versatile enough to be used in the following ways:

  • Use it as a picnic blanket, as a rug for kids’ treehouses, or throwing on the lawn.
  • Decor your table by using the round beach towel as your tablecloth.
  • Wrap yourself by using it as a shawl for a morning beach stroll.
  • Having a romantic evening lounging at the beach by wrapping both of you with a round beach towel.
  • Utilize some exquisite mandala round beach towels as home decor. For example, you can use them as a rug, couch cover, or wall hanging.


Last but not least, the round beach towels are portable enough to be packed or unpacked in a blink.

They don’t engage much of your space and can be easily stored in your beach tote. Some round beach towel models come with attached straps to be wrapped and tote around easily.

Here, you can learn how to roll your round beach towel in a couple of minutes:

  1. Make sure to shake it for removing the sand and let it dry completely.
  2. After drying, shake it strongly again for flicking out the beach sand.
  3. Spread it flat on the ground and wrap one half over the other by making sure to lay it upside down.
  4. Now, fold again by meeting and overlapping the sides.
  5. Start to roll up it from the straight edge across the bottom to the tassel’s edge.
  6. After rolling it up, you can now place it:
    • In its own carrier and buckle up.
    • Store it in your beach bag.
  7. Before storing it at home for the next use, make sure to clean and dry it thoroughly for avoiding bad odors, mildew, etc.