20 Best Oversized Beach Towels

It’s time to say goodbye to your old narrow beach buddies and hug one of our 20 best-oversized beach towels, in 2023 for a comfortable seaside vacation. Beach towels are a must-have beach essential. And, if you are lucky enough to hit an oversized one, you’ll definitely get a wonderful sand-free beach experience. Whether it’s … Read more

Can we use Embroidered Beach Towels as a Gift?

Is it a good idea to use embroidered beach towels as a gift? Sure, it is. Embroidered beach towels can be an amazing tropical theme gift for beach lovers. Whether it’s a family reunion, a beach destination wedding, beach-theme celebrations, or a promotional business party, one can use embroidered beach towels as a perfect gift … Read more

Does Fabric Softener Ruin Beach Towels?

does fabric softener ruin beach towel

Fabric softeners are meant to condition the clothing but does a fabric softener ruin your beach towels? I have answered this question clearly here to help you with beach towel care. Can Fabric Softener damage the Beach towel? It has been observed that the frequent and excessive use of fabric softeners or fabric softener sheets … Read more

Are Round Beach Towels Practical?

Are Round Beach Towels Practical

Round beach towels are fun, unique, and stylish. Also, helps you to stand out from the rectangular beach crowd. But are round beach towels practical, too? The round beach towels actually budded up in the summer of 2013, when Victoria Beattie and Emma Henderson started “The Beach People” in the Northern Rivers of New South … Read more

What is so great about Waffle Towels?

waffle towel benefits

Add glamour to your seaside vacation with Waffle Towels. But what is so great about Waffle Towels? Let’s find it out here. Waffle towels come with a special honeycomb design that not only gives them a luxurious look but also makes them more practical. 7 Benefits of Waffle Towels Besides being super absorbent and quick … Read more

Can you Use a Bedsheet as a Beach Towel?

Can you Use a Bedsheet as a Beach-Towel

Yes, you can use a bedsheet as a beach towel in any weird situation at the beach. For example, accidentally forgetting to bring your beach towel, beach towels going with the waves, your beach towel can’t accommodate a big family, or someone stealing your beach towel, etc. Now, it’s time to know the following 7 … Read more

Does Sand Stick to Sand Cloud Towels?

Does Sand Stick to Sand Cloud Towels

Sounds weird but does sand stick to Sand Cloud Towels? Let’s dig out the answer in this blog post. On the balmy sun beaches of San Diego, Sand Cloud company was started by three old friends with an aim to reinvent a timeworn beach item – the beach towel. They also have a mission to … Read more

Tips to Keep Smell Out of the Beach Towels

keep smell out of beach towels

Worried about getting smell in the beach towels? No problem, here you’ll find some amazing methods to keep the stinky odor away from the beach towel. 5 Ways to Get the Smell Out of the Beach Towels If your beach towel has developed a musty odor, it cannot only feel nauseous but also the smell … Read more

How do you Keep Beach Towels Soft?

If you are a frequent beach-goer, you’ll definitely want to know how can you keep your beach towels soft. After washing and drying, you find your beach towels often feel hard because of soapy residue build-up, excessive dryer heat, or over-drying. Here, you’ll get an easy way to keep your beach towels soft and fluffy. … Read more

Can you Put a Beach Towel in a Dryer?

Can you Put a Beach Towel in a Dryer

As a beach towel goer, the question of drying a beach towel in a dryer often leads you to confusion. Beach towels are an excellent breeding ground for germs and bacteria because of their damp nature and porous surface. That’s why drying has a key place in cleaning your beach towel. So, here we have … Read more