Best Beach Tents for Babies

We are here with some best beach tents for babies that not only provide ample shade to your baby but also offer a sand-free place for a nap, to change a diaper, or to enjoy snack time.

It’s good to give your little ones a regular dose of Vitamin Sea, but, what about the Scorching Sun? Hay! No worries at all.

Beach Tents for Babies according to Different Scenarios

Best Overall: KidCo P4012 Peapod Plus Infant Travel Tent

This is basically a lightweight outdoor travel tent for 1- 5 yr little tots.

The KidCo Peapod Plus tent is covered by a lightweight mesh that promotes proper airflow and keeps protecting your little ones from bugs.

KidCo P4012 Peapod Plus Infant Travel Tent
KidCo P4012 Peapod Plus Infant Travel Tent


  • Made from 100% polyester.
  • The lightweight of just about 3 ½ pounds.
  • Super easy setup. Just unfold it and it is ready to use for your little ones for a beach day out.
  • For proper ventilation and as an insect screen, the tent is surrounded by a lightweight mesh.
  • Further, it features a large front zipper panel that offers effortless access to your child.
  • For extra comfort, it comes with a Micro-Lite sleeping pad that is firmly secured to the outer bottom of the PeaPod with snaps. It can be easily removable for cleaning or packing purpose.
  • Large enough for an easy nap time.
  • Especially for beach time, it comes with UV protection, anchor straps, and adjustable sunscreens.
  • Also, includes a Carry Bag for easy traveling.

Best for a Nap Time: Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome

It is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Infant & Toddler Travel Beds category. Indeed, Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome is a gem for new parents.

Whether an infant needs a relaxing nap, comfy playtime, or stimulating tummy time – it has all of it. In short, it is a convenient, portable space that works best both indoors and outdoors.

Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome
Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome


  • Its UPF 20 canopy keeps your little one protected from the sun and bugs. However, make sure to still apply plenty of sunscreen on your little shrimp and limit their sun exposure.
  • Its fold-flat design and handles make it super easy to grab and go.
  • Comes with twin detachable toys for bat-at, and tummy-time play and encourages eye-tracking.
  • On-the-Go Baby Dome’s soft padding makes infants feel cozy and secure just like at home.
  • Only holds up to 20 lbs weight so can be used best for the first year. 

Best for Multiples: Schylling UV Play Shade

Schylling UV Play Shade is big enough for a baby plus especially ones of different ages, to play with their beach stuff.

It’s a great offer for a great nap space by closing the flaps for shade while keeping the vents open for good airflow. Come with the “Go Anywhere” feature: you can open it with just one hand and when closed, just sling it over your shoulder and go.

Schylling UV Play Shade
Schylling UV Play Shade


  • With a highly recommended rating of SPF 50+, keep your wee ones safe from the sun sniper.
  • The 31 inches-high, 51 inches wide, and 39 inches-deep Tent can pop up in seconds. Thus, no assembly is required.
  • Perfect for just about any outing as it is equipped with pegs and sand pockets that securely anchor it in place.
  • Made with waterproof material and weighs only 1 kilogram.
  • Includes a compact carry bag for traveling light.
  • Come in a fun, attractive color.

Best for Toddlers: Pacific Play Lil Nursery Tent

“Lil Nursery” term is used for a reason! Its fun colors not only let your little one be entertained inside but also, the multiple mesh ventilation panels allow kids to enjoy beautiful beach views. In short, a Lil Nursery tent is one of the most appealing beach tents for babies.

Pacific Play Lil Nursery Tent
Pacific Play Lil Nursery Tent


  • Easy-to-clean polyethylene floor makes this tent a perfect shelter to change babies.
  • The two mesh side panels allow ample ventilation and visibility inside.
  • SPF 30 UV-treated walls protect your little one from the shimmering beach sun.
  • Quite enough space for play (3 feet x 3 feet).
  • Most durable and fun tent with multiple funky colors, shock-corded poles, and Flame Retardant High Tech 70 D polyester that meets CPAI-84 standards.
  • Moreover, the mesh door is secured with velcro.
  • It can be set up easily and takedown in minutes. However, needs adult assembly.
  • It also comes with a carry bag and an instruction sheet.

Best Lightweight Tent: Joovy Gloo Children’s Indoor and Outdoor Travel Tent

Super easy setup with no poles, and no assembly – just unzip, pop up, and settle in. In fact, its 5.5 lbs weight and super compact foldability make it one of the best lightweight beach tents for babies, on the go.

Joovy Gloo Children's Indoor and Outdoor Travel Tent
Joovy Gloo Children’s Indoor and Outdoor Travel Tent


  • Bonus: it comes with a self-inflating pad and washable cotton cover. So, just sit back and let a bed come to you.
  • Provided protected & shady playtime with UPF 50 sun protection.
  • Further, the tent is also dew resistant and bug-proof.
  • Travel bag included for easy carrying.
  • The tent’s soft, cotton-polyester cover is detachable and 100% machine washable. So, no more worries about muddy or sandy surfaces.
  • Gloo’s regular size can be used from 6 months to 3 years and the Large size can be used for 6 months to 5 years.
  • Comes in super funky and solid colors.

How to Hunt the Best Baby Beach Tent?

Although there are a lot of options for a beach tent in the market, finding the best one is quite tricky. However, here you can find what to consider before buying the best beach tent for your tiny tot:

UV Fabric

First and foremost, make sure to look for “ultraviolet protection” (UPF) on the label. This will keep your baby from harmful radiation. Go for UPF 50+, as it is the highest standard and is highly recommended.

Proper Ventilation

Always choose beach tents that are ventilated with mesh panels for proper airflow. Because even with special UPF material, beach tents can quickly get hot and congested.

Secondly, breathable fabric also helps in improving ventilation. Polyester is highly recommended. In addition to that, go for a tent with a screen door. As it can be opened for more ventilation and closed to get rid of creepy crawlies.

Easy Set-up

Try to look for a pop-up design. Although the pop-up design is not much sturdy or weatherproof, however, it has some following benefits:

  • Easy setup and disassemble
  • Save time and energy
  • Far safer than tents with poles, as they can easily snap and possibly injure your little shrimps

Windproof Design

To avoid your beach tent collapsing from a good beach breeze while your baby is inside, always choose a tent that comes with sand pockets, stakes, or pegs.

  • Pegs can be stuck deep in the sand to anchor down.
  • Refillable sand pockets can be used as anchors. This might be a much better option if you want to travel light. However, just make sure you’re setting it up somewhere with access to the sand.


Try to choose a high-quality durable item to avoid buying a new baby beach tent every year.


Finally, choose a lightweight option that can quickly fold up, is compact, and is easy to tote around.

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