Best Beaches in Texas

Best Beaches in Texas for Families & Couples

If you’re searching for a nice spot with white sand and sea breezes, look no further than these 10 best beaches in Texas!

Texas has some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, with some reaching over 100 miles in length.

What’s more, the beaches in Texas are some of the best on the Gulf Coast!

Beach morning
Beach morning on one the beach in Texas, Photo Source: Canva

Summer is calling! So, let’s head towards some fun and adventure-packed beaches in Texas.

The coastline of Texas includes about 350 miles of beach for you to enjoy. A beautiful state filled with amazing places to explore and things to see. However, there are so many beaches that it might be hard to choose the best one. Here, we’ll explore 10 of the best beaches in Texas for families and couples.

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Best Beaches in Texas for Families

Fun in the sun is the perfect way to enjoy your summer, and what better way to do that than by visiting one of Texas’s beautiful beaches?

So if you’re looking for a family-friendly beach destination, these 5 best beaches in Texas are sure to please!

Galveston Island State Park

Looking for a fun and affordable beach destination for your family? Galveston Island State Park is there for you!

This state park offers everything you need for a fun and relaxing day at the beach, including plenty of sun, sand, and surf. And best of all, it’s just a short drive from Houston.

Galveston Island State Park is a great place to spend the day with your family. There’s plenty of room to set up your beach umbrellas and towels, and the kids will love playing in the sand.

The water is clean and clear, making it perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing. And when you’re ready to take a break from the sun, there are plenty of picnic tables and pavilions to relax in.

Throughout the summer season, the Island is famous for the finest parties, musical concerts, aqua-thrilling events, water festivals, and competitions i.e. the yearly major sandcastle building competition.

It offers a wide range of activities for families i.e. from water activities to hiking, camping, and bird viewing during the calm season.

There’s also a playground and a nature center, making it a perfect place to spend a day with the kids.

Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach is one of the best beaches in Texas for families. It’s a great place to swim, sunbathe, and relax with your family.

The beach with 65 lovely picnic sites warmly welcomes families to enjoy. You can find grills, picnic tables, volleyball facilities, a fishing pier, and children’s playgrounds with a lot of swings.

Rockport Beach is also a great place for walking with your siblings on its beautiful 34-mile-long walking path along the Little Bay shoreline while enjoying the amazing sunset.

Magnolia Beach

This beach is perfect for families with young children, as there are plenty of shallow areas for wading and playing.

The sand is also very clean and well-maintained. And if you get tired of the beach, there are plenty of other activities nearby, including a playground, picnic areas, a volleyball court, and even a splash pad.

One of the main family attractions is Magnolia Springs Nature Center. This park is perfect for families with young children, who will enjoy nature activities like birding, animal feedings, and more.

For RV families, there is a Magnolia Beach RV Park that is famous for RV family camping near Magnolia Beach.

Surfside Beach

Scrolling for a clean beach to take the kids to? Surfside Beach in Texas is known as the cleanest beach in the region. It is also easily accessible less than one hour drive from main Houston.

This beach has plenty of water activities to keep the little ones busy, as well as plenty of amenities to make your trip enjoyable.

The Beach offers a splash pad, playground, picnic tables, grills, a fishing jetty, showers, and seaside cafes that are best for the unexpected rumbling of little tummies.

Good news: a lifeguard is on duty during the daytime hours.

There is something for everyone on Surfside Beach. While your kids are busy with their fun along the shoreline’s clean environment and soft sand, you can enjoy surfing, kayaking, and windsurfing.

South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a great place for families to enjoy the beach. The island has many activities for families to enjoy, such as fishing, swimming, and boating.

There are also several restaurants and shops on the island that cater to families.

If you are planning a family vacation to South Padre Island, be sure to check out our list of things to do on South Padre Island.

  • Schlitterbahn Waterpark – Want a summer rescue center, visit the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in South Padre Island. There are some great water slides here, as well as a lazy river, a wave pool, and a children’s area.
  • Alligator Farm and Riverboat Ride – If you want to try something different, head over to the alligator farm and riverboat ride. The alligator farm is a fun way for families to see alligators up close and learn about them. The riverboat ride takes you on an hour-long cruise along the Rio Grande River that runs through South Padre Island. Between the alligator farm and riverboat ride, you will get a great view of the island from the water.
  • Sea Turtle Inc. Visitors Center – If your kids love animals, then you should visit the Sea Turtle Inc. Visitors Center on South Padre Island. Here you can learn all about sea turtles and their habitats. It is fun to watch them swim around while you are there too and get tips on how to protect the marine environment.
  • Texas State Aquarium – Visit the Texas State Aquarium on South Padre Island which offers shark shows and even has an indoor rainforest with manatees.

Tip: It’s best to visit South Padre Island during the months of September to February for a crowd-free family beach vacation.

Best Beaches in Texas for Couples

Imagine peaceful, serene beaches surrounded by palm trees and swaying seaside grasses.

Now imagine that relaxed aura with your loved ones.

If you’re yearning for a romantic getaway with your significant other, we have a list of the 5 best beaches in Texas for couples to make their trip easier and more romantic than ever before!

Port Aransas

Port Aransas is the perfect romantic aqua-spot for couples, looking to get away from the city crowd.

With its miles of sandy beaches, secluded coves, and beautiful sunsets, Port Aransas is the perfect place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

The quaint town of Port Aransas offers shopping, dining, and attractions for couples in Texas.

Boca Chica

Boca Chica is a secluded, serene, and laid-back beach destination in Texas. This beach is known for its dramatic cliffs, clear waters, and beautiful sunsets.

A perfect spot for adventurous couples looking for surfing, snorkeling, kiteboarding, fishing, and swimming together. Besides water activities, they can also go for a hike around the mouth of the Rio Grande.

Besides some thrill, Boca Chica’s exquisite eight miles of coastline welcome you to sit beside your loved one and admire the never-ending sea while listening to romantic melodious waves.

Tip: Make sure to bring your own wear and gear for carefree water activities.

Crystal Beach

As its name suggests, Crystal Beach is famous for its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Nothing more to say about why this is a popular spot for couples.

Some classic beach activities for love birds are swimming, strolling, and sunbathing on its picturesque coastline.

Good news for foodie couples: this eco-friendly beach is famous for its numerous fishing and crabbing opportunities. Moreover, you can also find fresh seafood from nearby restaurants and cafes. Also, you can easily find various beach cabins near the coast to refresh.

What can be perfect than a toasty fire paired with s’mores to spend a dreamy evening at the beach?

You can easily access the beach by a ferry that floats between Galveston and Crystal Beach every day. And if you want lovely accommodation, you can opt for Grand Galvez, Homewood Suites By Hilton Galveston, or Best Western Plus Seawall Inn & Suites by the Beach.

San Jose Island

San Jose Island is one of the best romantic beaches in Texas for weddingmoons.

The underdeveloped island is only accessible by ferry, making it the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Once on the island, you can spend your days relaxing on the beach, going beach combing, exploring the tide pools, or hiking through the dense vegetation. At night, you can camp under the stars or enjoy a romantic bonfire.

For nature lovers, say hello to St. Jo! But be prepared to say goodbye because this magnificent solitary beauty has an absence of basic beach amenities.

Mustang Island

It’s hard to resist the call of Mustang Island for newlyweds.

This hidden gem is located on a barrier island off the coast of Port Aransas, and it’s the perfect place to escape the routine busy life.

The waves here are gentle and the sand is soft, making it a great spot for sunbathing, swimming, strolling, and simply relaxing with your loved one.

The barrier island is home to some unique fauna i.e. numerous bird species. In addition, the island is known as one of the few breeding areas for the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle. So, bird watching and seeing turtles will serve as a dessert for your nature-loving appetite.

There are also plenty of restaurants and bars in the area, so you can enjoy a romantic night out or a leisurely lunch by the water. Active beachgoers can also enjoy camping on the sand or just behind the beach bordering dunes.

Finally, the good news for pet lovers is that this is a dog-friendly destination!