Best Beaches in Valencia

Best Beaches to Visit in Valencia, Spain

Welcome to Valencia – the 3rd largest city in Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast. With its divine beaches, vibrant life, and microclimate of more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. The blue flag beaches add to the fact that Valencia has become the most popular spot for city trips in Spain and also Europe. Here we have discussed some of the best beaches in Valencia” that are beautiful places for tourists and as well to get relax and enjoy.

  1. Malvarrosa Beach
  2. Patacona Beach
  3. Saplaya Beach
  4. Las Arenas Beach (Playa del Cabanyal)
  5. Pinedo Beach
  6. El Saler Beach
  7. El Perellò Beach
  8. Les Palmeres Beach
  9. La Devesa Beach
  10. Recatì-Perellonet Beach

10 Best Beaches in Valencia

Malvarrosa Beach

Exquisite sunkissed golden-sand beach and long walks along the promenade make it a beach paradise. It is the most popular and crowded spot on the Valencia coast, you feel its tempting vibe immediately. It is one of the 3 Valencia city beaches, thus, easy to reach from the center.

Come here either for romantic getaways, fun with family, or even as a solo traveler just to unwind on your own. You will enjoy the longest stretch of a 2-kilometer-long velvety sand beach. However, the north is not much crowded. Transparent and mild waves, dreamy azure sea colors, gentle beach sloping, and lifeguards’ supervision make it a perfect beach for families with kids.

Some of the beach facilities are public toilets, showers, changing rooms, and equipment rentals. So, don’t forget to rent a parasol and sunbed to enjoy the sunny festive vibes of the beach. And when you want to escape from the roasting sun, you can go to one of the bars or restaurants along the Malvarrosa shoreline. Here, you can enjoy a great drink and taste the local food.

Patacona Beach

It is a real gem on the edge of the city of Valencia. If you go along the shimmering Malvarrosa coast, you will come to Patacona. This beach paradise is the most northern of the 3 Valencia city beaches. Playa de la Patacona’s vibe is really chilled. You can find some really hip bars along the promenade behind the dancing palm trees, for example, the unique La Mas Bonita.

Patacona Beach

Patacona Beach is an ideal beach for spending a day basking in the balmy sun, with all the necessary facilities. You can never forget the experience of spending a few hours on the beach that is close to one of the most vibrant historical cities in Spain. So: sea, sun, sand, swimming and, just a short walk away from the city, Patacona has it all!

Moreover, it is slightly quieter than its twin sister – Malvarrosa Beach. It offers well-organized bathing establishments that have all facilities for tourists such as showers, changing rooms, public toilets, access for tourists with limited mobility, and much more.

Its water is child-friendly, thus, more splashing and more fun. Also, you can observe that the tourism here is slightly more local, therefore you will enjoy placing your parasol next to a local and sharing a smile.

If you are looking for some cool drinks, you can head towards one of the many chiringuitos – local beach bars, or you can choose one of the local restaurants, where you can taste local cuisine such as paella!

Saplaya Beach

Playa Saplaya stretches north of the city and 4 kilometers from the center. Unique for its exceptional aura because it is situated right in front of the scenic Port Saplaya – known as the “Venice of Spain” among locals.

Saplaya Beach

A real eye-catcher for beach lovers, with a great mix of blue sea, balmy sun, and nude sand. It is less crowded in pre-season, therefore, you can enjoy a fantastic basking beach feeling! Moreover, Saplaya Beach has become a hot spot for bicycle tours from Valencia City.

Las Arenas Beach (Playa del Cabanyal)

It is the first stretch of sand from the city harbor. Also, one of the most popular beaches in Valencia. Also named Playa del Cabanyal and Playa de las Arenas in the local language. Thus, it is obviously much more crowded here, especially in the peak season – summer.

It is also known as a kind of party hotspot, where people can also celebrate other than on the weekends. You can find both the locals and tourists gathering here to enjoy the cool beach vibe, sip cool drinks in local bars, and dip in clear waters.

If you go a little upscale, the exclusive Marina Beach Club is for sure your choice. It’s not a cheap place but definitely one of the coolest spots at Playa del Cabanyal. It is situated at the top end of the beach and mesmerizes its guests with cocktails, pools, and a luxe feel.

Moreover, you can find a luxurious hotel known as Las Arenas Balneario Resort, homed behind the beach. It is one of the best hotels, you can find on Valencia’s beaches!

Pinedo Beach

A 1500-meter-long stretch of sand is located in the south of Valencia, at the lower end of the harbor. It is nearby the same-named town of Pinedo. It is popular among locals for cycling, jogging, and for a beach day out. With soft velvety, golden sand that gently slopes into a calm blue sea, you can experience real beach pleasure. Water is perfect for your little ones.

Pinedo Beach

Facilities include public toilets, showers, and everything you require for a fuss-free beach day. You can also find various restaurants and bars near the shoreline, where you can taste local traditional dishes. Moreover, Pinedo lies south of the Valencia Royal Sailing Club.

Back in the old days, Pinedo has been known as a town of farmers and fishermen, but now, it has turned into the most popular and beautiful seaside resort in the region. Further, you can see the River Turia that flows to the south of the beach. If you move inland, you will have a chance to explore various pretty paddy fields, with their picturesque beauty.

El Saler Beach

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and most exciting beaches in Valencia. It is not just popular for its size, but also for experiencing nature in its pure form. El Saler Beach attracts tourists who want to cherish the experience of an angelic coastline. It is located in the south of Pinedo Beach, and west of Albufera national park. The long fine, white-sand beach gives you a divine feel.

El Saler Beach

Moreover, the sand dunes provide privacy for romantic getaways and you can never forget the experience to see the white sand gently slopes down into the crystal-clear blue sea. You can also pick nature walks along the divine dunes where you can also experience short hikes along the beautiful coast. On the way, you can see nice pavilions for picnics and also good beach restaurants.

The calm water is perfect for the young ones and for the beginners, too. Further, it is supervised by lifeguards and also has access for tourists with limited mobility.

El Perellò Beach

It is a tiny hidden oasis in the core of an old town – El Perellonet. Although, not many people know about this tiny little gem but is worth a visit because it is exquisitely beautiful. You can experience peace and purity, here. According to experts, it has some historical sand dunes dating back thousands of years.

El Perellò Beach

Crystal-clear waters and the golden sparkling sand make you feel like a dream come true. Although, El Perellò is not surrounded by a promenade for walking along the shore like Malvarrosa. However, its untouched beauty will definitely win anyone’s heart. 

This beach is quite popular among locals, surfers, and kite surfers. It features some good waterfront restaurants and cafes. There is also a small marina around the corner.

Les Palmeres Beach

Welcome to Les Palmeres, where the Mediterranean waves and old tall buildings nearly touch each other, separated only by a line of sand. This picturesque area has a character in it. The soft velvety sands and well-preserved walking pathways make it a dream place.

Les Palmeres Beach Valencia

Moreover, this beach comes with all sorts of bathing facilities. It is a perfect mix of endless sea, sand, and sunshine. Calm waters and special kids’ play areas make it a great space for the little ones.

Also, there are special walkways for tourists with limited mobility. Try to come early in the morning, if you want to have a great corner at the beach. Experts highly recommend trying some excellent Valencia dishes at the local restaurants along the shoreline.

Further, don’t be shocked to see tents or camper vans in the relevant areas, as, Les Palmares welcomes camping.

La Devesa Beach

It is also known as La Dehesa, located inside the splendid Saler Nature Park. It is a place where you can relax in some of the quietest and most exquisite places in Spain. This magical oasis is lined by sand dunes.

La Devesa Beach

La Devesa was once known by the name of Malladeta. Actually, the word “Devesa” means a strip of land that borders the land from the Mediterranean Sea. This 5 kilometers sand stretch and the area beyond the beach, you can experience a rich ecosystem of freshwater lagoons with pine tree malladas, that are home to the local birds.

This area was seriously damaged in the 1970s, however, it partially recovered in the subsequent decades. In fact, the environmental restoration was completed in the year 2009.

Moreover, this hidden gem is ideal for nudists. Lifeguards make sure of safety, also, the shoreline is well-facilitated with public toilets, showers, and easy access for tourists with limited mobility.

Recatì-Perellonet Beach

This beach is famous among the top beaches of Valencia due to its unique location. Actually, this magnificent beach is a spot where Albufera Nature Park meets the Mediterranean Sea. This 3-kilometer-long coast is close to the center of the city. It is a shimmering golden sand heaven surrounded by the Gola del Perellonet and the Gola del Perellò.

Recatì-Perellonet Beach Valencia

One can relax without worrying too much about crowds and unwind oneself in a calm and magical atmosphere. Recatì is lined with a residential town – El Perellonet. Numerous paddy fields beyond the town make the surrounding almost surreal, especially on a full moon.

Kitesurfing is a famous water sport, here. For refreshment, engage a place on the terraces of the nearby splendid restaurants. Although, you will see that there are no well-managed bathing establishments here. However, it has some public toilets, showers, and wooden walkways for tourists with limited mobility.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the nicest beach in Valencia?

The nicest beach in Valencia may vary according to any individual likeness or expectations. However, in this article, we have discussed all of the best beaches in Valencia, Spain.

What is the most popular beach in Valencia?

Malvarrosa Beach is the most popular beach in Valencia. Every year a huge number of tourists and locals visit Malvarrosa Beach to freshen up and enjoy the beautiful seaside.

Can you swim on Valencia beaches?

Yes, you can generally swim at the beaches located in Valencia, Spain, such as Malvarrosa Beach and El Cabanyal Beach. These beaches are popular destinations for swimming, sunbathing, and other beach recreational activities. However, you must understand that swimming conditions depend on various factors such as weather, currents, and water quality. So, it’s always a good idea to remain cautious and follow any posted signs or instructions from local authorities or lifeguards before going swimming at the beach.

What is the best time of day to go to the beach in Valencia?

Afternoons, after 4 to 5 pm are the best time of day to go to the beach in Valencia in summer.

Can I drink tap water in Valencia?

Yes, you can drink tap water in Valencia without having any issues. The water is safe for your body, however, the taste may not be suitable for everyone.

What is the warmest month in Valencia?

July is generally the warmest month in Valencia with a temperature rising up to 32-34 Celsius. Most people visit Valencia from June to August to enjoy their summer vacations.

Is it better to stay in the city or on the beach in Valencia?

This totally depends upon you if you want to stay in the city or beach in Valencia. However, most beaches are just 30 minutes from the city center. Places like Clutal Vella (old town) is the best place for you if you want to stay in the city center near beaches.

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