Best Children’s Wetsuits for 2023

Give your child one of the best children’s wetsuits that ensure comfort, protection, and enjoyment in all sorts of water sports.

Wetsuits not only warm your little ones but also protect them from the sun’s UV rays, sticky sand, stinging sea creatures, and abrasions.

It also provides kids with a natural buoyancy although it is not a substitute for a lifejacket.

What elements should we consider when buying Children’s Wetsuits?

Here are the features that you should consider before buying a kid’s wetsuit:

Material and Thickness

Most of the wetsuits for children are made from a hypoallergenic material known as “Neoprene”, which is gentle on the skin. But, there are factors and options when considering the thickness.

Factors to consider the ThicknessClimateWater TemperatureActivities kids’ choose
Thickness levels2mm2.5mm3mm4mm5mm

Normally, you can choose a 2.5mm thick wetsuit for both warm and cold water while a 2mm kid’s wetsuit is generally good for sun and skin protection in summer.

You should go for something at least 3mm thick in colder weather. It should be noted that as the thickness of the wetsuit increases, it loses a little flexibility.

Thus, if your children will be actively participating in sports, go should still go for a slightly thinner wetsuit i.e. choose one with 3mm thickness on the body and 2mm thickness on the arms and legs for added flexibility.

Sun Protection

Re-application of sunscreens still can’t protect your aqua-tots from UV rays, as the water rinses them off. Protect them with a good quality wetsuit that genuinely offers UPV 50+ protection.

Right Size and Fitting

Choosing the right size is crucial to give your kid a snug fit i.e. the neck to be a close fit so they have no difficulty breathing, however, the ankles and wrists to be a firm fit to keep water flushing into the wetsuit.

Kids using a wetsuit for some serious water sports should opt for a snug (tighter) fit. On the other hand, they occasionally hit the water, choose one size bigger, as your growing kid can quickly outgrow wetsuits within a season.

Types and Lenght

There are four options available in children’s wetsuits:

Full: This wetsuit comes with a complete and long-sleeve feature that covers the whole body, arms, and legs of the kid. Ideal for cold water but also good for warmer temperatures (depending on thickness).

Besides providing the most warmth, a full wetsuit also offers the most protection from the sun’s UV rays, abrasions, stinging sea creatures, and other hazards.

Shorty/Spring Wetsuit: It features short sleeves and a cut above the knees, while the length of the cover can differ on the arms and legs.

Generally, cop to the warmer temperatures and moderate seasons that’s why known as the “spring suit”.

The shorty wetsuits with thicker models are still good at protecting core body temperature. 

Long John: This wetsuit comes sleeveless and entirely covers up the legs. Normally, suitable for warmer temperatures and also offers extra mobility to the upper body for swimming. A little drawback is that it does leave the arms unprotected. 

Separates: Finally, this wetsuit features a Two-piece wetsuit that is divided at the waist. It offers mixing and to match between tops and bottoms depending on the kid’s water activity, climate, and water temperature.

Wetsuit Structure

This factor is normally overlooked, however, the best children’s wetsuits should have good quality seams and zippers, as both affect comfortability and functionality.

Flatlock Seam

If you have a child that is too sensitive to the things that are touching their skin, then prefer the wetsuits with flatlock seams. Because a flatlock seam has no protruding material, thus, causes quite less skin irritation.

On the other hand, seams that have a raised section on the interior cause irritation to kids’ skin and lead to chafing.

A General Guide for Children’s Wetsuits:

Water TemperatureThickness LevelType of Wetsuit
> 26°C / 80°FNARashguard only
21°C to 25°C / 71°F to 79°F1 -2mm thickSpring Wetsuit/Top
18°C to 20°C / 65°F to 70°F2-3mm thickSpring Wetsuit
12°C to 17°C / 55°F to 64°F3-4mm thickFull Wetsuit
8°C to 11°C / 48°F to 54°F3-4mm thickFull Wetsuit
< 11°C / 54°F4-5mm thickFull Wetsuit with hood and boots

Top 6 Best Children’s Wetsuits for 2023

O’Neill Youth Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

Best Overall

The newly upgraded REACTOR-2 of O’Neill is specially designed for elevating the performance of groms in a value-driven package.

In short, it is a perfect combo of stretch and durability. Feature in fresh colors and graphics with a chic style that’s made to long last.

O'Neill Youth Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit
O’Neill Youth Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit


  • Made from ultra-stretch neoprene that offers a superior feel, and flexibility, and enhances performance during water sports.
  • Its back zip is engineered for super-easy entry and exit, also with a water-resistant closure.
  • Comes with a Wind-proof smooth skin that offers extra insulation and protection against extreme cold.
  • Full wetsuit type with long sleeves and 3/2mm thickness.
  • Its strategic seam placement is designed for extra comfort and maximum mobility.
  • Features an adjustable single seal collar for a good fit.
  • Comes with a key pocket for securing little bits.
  • For more comfort and protection, this wetsuit has a Krypto Knee pad.
  • The UltraFlex Composite is for enhancing flexibility performance and decreasing fatigue during water activities.
  • The use of Flatlock stitched seams creates flexible, breathable, and durable seams.
  • Considered one of the best children’s wetsuits for surfing, diving, paddle boarding, and beach activities.

REALON Kids Wetsuit

Best for Multifunctional purpose

REALON kids’ wetsuit offers extra insulation and protection against the cold, reducing water resistance, and increasing buoyancy.

A multifunctional wetsuit that is suitable for various water sports such as diving, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, kite surfing, kayaking, sailboating, water skiing, etc.

REALON Kids Wetsuit
REALON Kids Wetsuit


  • The soft, comfortable, and elastic 90% Neoprene and 10% Nylon elastic fabric that keep the body warm, is skin-friendly, quick-drying, and environment-friendly.
  • Besides keeping warm, it also helps your kid in floating easily during water sports.
  • Delicate and neat flatlock stitching.
  • The unisex wetsuit is suitable for kids from 2 to 15 years of age.
  • Back zipper for easy entry.
  • Its ergonomic neckline structure perfectly blocks water entry that’s why keeping your little tots warm and comfortable.
  • Its 3-layer coating technology and UPF 50+ Sun Protection keep protecting your kids from harmful sun’s UV rays, sea lice, jellyfish, and biological irritants and further retain its shape.
  • Short wetsuit type with 2-3mm thickness.
  • Available in various fun colors and standard sizes.


  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Use mild detergent
  • hang dry in the shade
  • Please note that only a snug/tight fit can keep water out.

Mountain Warehouse Junior Shorty Wetsuit

Best for Contour Fit

The Shorty Wetsuit by Mountain Warehouse is perfect for young swimmers this summer.

Presenting lightweight and comfortable wetsuit that is made with neoprene fabric, has a contoured shape, flat seams, and an extended zip puller.

Mountain Warehouse Junior Shorty Wetsuit
Mountain Warehouse Junior Shorty Wetsuit


  • This wetsuit comes with a contoured fit that is a sculpted style with different levels of thickness around the overall body for ultimate comfort and support. Lighter fabric for the sleeves and thicker fabric for the body, ensuring both the natural flexibility and protection i.e. Body: 2.55mm and Shoulders, sleeves, storm flap: 2mm.
  • The flatlock seam combo with a close fit offers prevention against chafing and gives extra comfort.
  • Made from neoprene with a lightweight foam that retains body heat, dries out quickly, and offers natural movement.
  • Comes with a discreet key pocket for storing safely your car or locker keys during water sports.
  • For a good fit, it features an adjustable neck closure around the neck.
  • Also, it has an easy glide zip that comes with an extended zip pull to pull up the zip easily.
  • UPF50+ for sun protection.
  • Comes in different chic color combinations.

Splash About Children’s Warm-in-One Baby Wetsuit

Best for Babies

Splash About specially designed fleece-lined warm-in-one wetsuits keeps your babies warmer, happier, and comfy in the water for longer.

Splash About Children's Warm-in-One Baby Wetsuit
Splash About Children’s Warm-in-One Baby Wetsuit


  • Full body, a fleece-lined wet suit for babies that keeps baby warm and holds barrier creams in place.
  • Simply a great wetsuit for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Also comes with UPF 50+ for sun protection at the beach.
  • Full body wetsuit protects your babies from irritants, abrasions, and sticky sand.
  • Comes in various cute designs and colors.

Dark Lightning Kids One-Piece Full Wetsuits

Best for Growing Kids

Super stretchy 3/2mm lightweight neoprene fabric wetsuits by Dark Lightning are perfectly suitable for growing kids. A great thermal wetsuit to keep warm for various water sports.

Dark Lightning Kids One-Piece Full Wetsuits
Dark Lightning Kids One-Piece Full Wetsuits


  • Comes with CR + a skin-friendly collar for better fits skin, is water-proof, and keeps your kids warm.
  • Features back SBS Zipper for more convenient takeoff/put-on.
  • Perfect for boating, snorkeling, diving, swimming, wakeboarding, kayaking, surfing, and paddleboarding.
  • Neat and durable flatlock stitching.
  • Comes in different color combinations with black.
  • Available in kids’ sizes 4 to size 14 that cover toddlers, children, juniors, and youth.
  • Full body wetsuit that provides ultimate protection.
  • Being super stretchy, thus, offers enough flexibility during water activities.

Aftercare Tips for Children’s Wetsuits:

Wetsuits need proper care to maintain their shape, retain durability, and prevent odor.

Here, you’ll find easy tips and tricks for proper care and maintenance of children’s wetsuits:

  • After each use, turn the wetsuit inside out and open its all zippers before washing.
  • Next, rinse it in fresh cold water for getting rid of all the beach sand.
  • Handwash with cold water and wetsuit shampoo (if don’t have wetsuit shampoo, use baby shampoo).
  • Avoid using harsh detergents.
  • Next, gently knead the shampoo into the wetsuit using your hands.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
  • Use a hanger to hang it in the shade from the waist to let it dry.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to neoprene.
  • Hanging from the shoulders can make the suit misshapen.
  • Turn the wetsuit back the right way round so that both sides have a chance to dry completely, before storing.
  • If your wetsuit gets accidental damage, go for a handy specialized Neoprene patch repair kit.

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