Best Men's Swim Trunks for Laps

Best Men’s Swim Trunks for Laps

Finding the best men’s swim trunks for laps is a difficult task as there are so many options out there, that it can be hard to know which one will work best for you.

Swimming is a fantastic way to stay healthy, whether you’re swimming laps in the pool to work on your endurance and stamina or just taking a dip to cool off on a hot day.

swim trunks
Swim Trunks for Lap Swimming, Photo Source: amazon

Here, we’ll help you to find the best men’s swim trunks for a comfortable lap swimming experience.

Buying Guide: Men’s Swin Trunks for Laps

Types and Styles

There are three main types of swim trunks for men: board shorts, square-cut trunks, and jammers.

  1. Board Shorts: They are the longest style of swim trunks and extend to the knee.
  2. Square-cut Trunks: They are comparably shorter than board shorts and fall somewhere between the knee and mid-thigh.
  3. Jammers: They are the shortest style of swim trunks and extend to just above the knee.

Visual Impression: Within these three categories, there are a variety of different styles to choose from. Some swim trunks have a plain design with no patterns or embellishments.

Others feature bold prints or graphic designs. Some swim trunks have a classic look while others have a more modern aesthetic.

Type of Activities: When choosing a pair of swim trunks, it is important to consider the activities you will be participating in.

If you plan on doing a lot of swimming laps, you will want to choose a pair of trunks that offer good coverage and support.

However, if you just want to lounge around on the beach or by the pool, you can opt for a more relaxed pair of trunks.

Material and Durability

Choose swim trunks that are lightweight when getting wet and typically made from quick-drying materials like polyester or nylon, they can stand up to repeated exposure to chlorinated water.

Look for a pair that is comfortable and won’t restrict your movement as you swim.

Also, make sure the trunks are well-constructed and have reinforced seams to prevent them from tearing. Because durability is important for lap swimming. You want a suit that will hold up to repeated use.

Choose the Right Fit

The right fit is essential. Make sure the swim trunk you choose fits comfortably, without being too tight, restricting your movement, or causing chafing.- A snug fit is important because it keeps you comfortable in the water.

Choose the Right Length

When it comes to choosing the right swimsuit for laps, leg length is an important factor to consider. While some men prefer shorter trunks that allow for more mobility.

Others find that longer legs provide more coverage and support. Also, some modest swimmers also tend toward something longer.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference and what feels most comfortable for you.

Sun Protection

When you’re swimming laps, you’re exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time. That’s why it’s important to find a pair of swim trunks that offer good sun protection.

Look for a pair with UPF 50+ ratings or higher. This will ensure that your skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Other Details

Finally, look for some other details that make your pair more comfortable to wear. Some of them are:

  • Seams and stitching: Look for flat seams and stitching! Otherwise, you’ll face discomfort and chafing because of too much texture or roughness.
  • Waistband: See if you are comfortable with an internal or external drawstring. In addition, look at whether you need a fully elastic waist or a tie closure that will let you adjust the required fit.
  • Pockets: It is good to have at least one pocket in your swim trunks for keeping your little bits.

Top 10 Men’s Swim Trunks for Laps

When you go to a pool, what do you wear? Most likely a swimsuit.

But the right swimsuit for lap swimming is different than a swimsuit for body surfing at the beach.

Lap swimming is when you stay in one lane and continuously swim back and forth without ever turning around.

Whether it’s for practice or for racing, here are the 10 best men’s swim trunks for laps that are comfortable, durable, and snug fit to reduce drag in the water.

BALEAF Men’s Swim Jammers Athletic Training Swimsuit

Have you been looking for a durable and breathable athletic training swimsuit? Look no further than Baleaf Men’s Swim Jammers.

BALEAF Men's Swim Jammers Athletic Training Swimsuit
BALEAF Men’s Swim Jammers Athletic Training Swimsuit, Photo Source: amazon

It is made from a durable polyester fabric that is chlorine resistant, so there is no risk of it losing elasticity while in the presence of chlorinated water.

Plus, the swim jammers are quick-dry so they can be ready to wear after each use and also provides ultimate comfort during chilly weather.

Baleaf’s special crotch design offers athletes a functional and comfortable way to protect their groin area during competitions, training, or recreating in the water.

The fully lined feature prevents fabric transparency and gives support during laps.

The pair features a built-in black drawstring inside the waistband to provide optimum comfort and support. Its fitted seams minimize drag, while the performance fit adds to your overall agility and efficiency.

Available in 7 sizes and 5 solid colors.

Besides lap swimming, it can be equally used for surfing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, beach volleyball, cycling, or simply unwinding at the beach.

Reasons to Choose

  • Crotch design prevents the vital area from chafing
  • Seams are designed for enhanced stretch and performance
  • The durable fabric will last through many swim seasons
  • Inseam is designed to minimize drag in the water

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • It may feel too tight for some users.
  • Some users may find the black drawstring unattractive.

Nike Men’s Standard Solid Lap 9″ Volley Short Swim Trunk

The Nike Men’s Standard Solid Lap 9″ Volley Short Swim Trunk is a comfortable, durable, and water-repellent swim short perfect for lap swimmers.

Nike Men's Standard Solid Lap 9" Volley Short Swim Trunk
Nike Men’s Standard Solid Lap 9″ Volley Short Swim Trunk, Photo Source: amazon

The lightweight polyester construction dries quickly and resists pilling, fading, and shrinking.

A built-in mesh brief provides comfort and support for all-day wear, while on-seam pockets provide convenient storage for small items.

The leg incision for the most freedom of movement makes it a true swim companion.

Moreover, a stretch waistband with an internal drawcord gives a custom fit that moves with you.

This swimsuit features mesh pocket bags on the side for ventilation and water drainage. There is an internal mesh pocket for small item storage.

Reasons to Choose

  • Built-in mesh brief for extra support.
  • Internal mesh pocket for small item storage.
  • A water-repellent finish sheds excess moisture for a dry comfortable feel.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • Some may find the 100% polyester fabric to be less breathable than desired.
  • The elastic closure may be uncomfortable for some.

Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Square Leg Endurance

The Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Square Leg Endurance is designed to meet the needs of serious swimmers.

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Endurance
Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Square Leg Endurance, Photo Source: amazon

The box-cut leg leaves you uncovered, so you can feel free to swim in any direction. The square cut is a more comfortable fit.

The polyester and elastane fabric will ensure you’re as fresh and dry as possible as you exit the water. For a secure fit, it features an inner drawcord.

The UPF50+ feature provides you with complete sun and heat protection, while the three aqua colors (navy, black, and blue) give you a style statement.

This swimsuit is designed for lap swimmers who swim 2-3 days a week:

  • The ultra-lightweight 4-way stretch chlorine-resistant fabric provides excellent shape retention and muscle stabilization.
  • While the durable construction ensures that it will retain its color and shape after frequent swimming.

Make sure to have a size up because of its tight fitting.

Reasons to Choose

  • 4-way stretch fabric for excellent shape retention.
  • Muscle stabilizing compression.
  • Chlorine-resistant and UPF50+ fabric.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • May be difficult to put on and take off.
  • May not be comfortable for those with sensitive skin.

SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks

Do you like swimming for lesuire? If so, you will love these swim trunks from SILKWORLD.

SILKWORLD Men's Swim Trunks
SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks, Photo Source: amazon

These shorts are made from 100% nylon fabric, which is known to be one of the best materials for swimwear. The fabric makes it quick-dry, lightweight, soft, and flexible.

The mesh lining makes it more comfortable and gives you support.

Plus, the drawstring closure can be tightened for a snug fit. They come with a pocket design that has deep pockets and one back velcro pocket for keeping your wallet, keys, or other items.

You can wear this for recreational swimming, morning walks or joggings, basketball, football, beach, gym, pool parties, surfing, or even at home.

Available in almost all standard sizes and numerous fun colors to create an elegant appearance.

Reasons to Choose

  • Comfortable to wear and multipurpose.
  • Comes in plenty of fashionable colors.
  • Good pocket organization.
  • Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Men’s Board Shorts.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • Not appropriate for serious swimmers or competitions.
  • The mesh lining may not be as comfortable for some.

361° Swim Jammers for Men

If you don’t compromise on style while going for a serious swim, then the 361° Swim decently bright and attractive Jammers for Men are definitely for you!

361° Swim Jammers for Men
361° Swim Jammers for Men, Photo Source: amazon

This stylish pair of jammers use a beautiful design pattern, chlorine-resistant fabrics, and breathable material to keep you stylish, cool, dry, and protected.

The lightweight and durable design with quick-dry technology make these trunks the most comfortable pair of swim trunks to wear.

Protects you from sun and heat, this jammer also comes with a drawstring closure for a secure fit.

Reasons to Choose

  • Designed for stylish serious lap swimmers.
  • Fashionable, still modest in the overall construction.
  • A snug fit design.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • The swimsuit may not be as durable as some other brands on the market.
  • The colors may fade after repeated exposure to chlorine or sunlight.

MY KILOMETRE Jammer for Men

Developed with a natural snug-fit, these race-ready Sailfish Jammer suits from MY KILOMETRE are perfect for the serious lap swimmer looking to streamline their body and cut through the water like a knife.

MY KILOMETRE Jammer for Men
MY KILOMETRE Jammer for Men, Photo Source: amazon

Their special water-reducing and resistance-reducing arc design helps you to feel dry and light underwater. It is made from 81% Polyester and 19% Special Spandex material.

The jammers give you UV resistance, chlorine resistance, and extraordinary durability. The V-lining gives you support and a modest look.

The drawstring closure is good for required adjustments and security. Comes in standard sizes and 10+ stylish colors and prints.

Reasons to Choose

  • Streamlines your figure and gives new levels of support.
  • Naturally, snug fit that helps you cut through the water.
  • Looks stylish and modest.
  • UV-resistant, chlorine-resistant, and durable.
  • Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Men’s Athletic Swimwear Jammers.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • May be too tight for some.
  • The low-waist design could be uncomfortable for some men.
  • No pockets.

Onvous Men’s AquaGenesis-Lite Swim Jammer

The Onvous Men’s AquaGenesis-Lite Swim Jammer is another name for speed, flexibility, and comfort.

Onvous Men's AquaGenesis-Lite Swim Jammer
Onvous Men’s AquaGenesis-Lite Swim Jammer, Photo Source: amazon

Its 4-way elasticity makes it the perfect go-to for high-performance, four-stroke swimmers.

This swimsuit combines 82% Polyester + 18% Spandex blend for optimal comfort, ultimate lightweight, and fast performance, with a sleek design that’s perfect for both racing and training.

The AquaGenesis-Lite Jammer features a concealed black adjustable drawstring inside the waistband for ultimate security and style.

Finally, its moisture-wicking and chlorine-repellent technology minimizes water drag and enhances sweat evaporation in cross-training swimming sessions.

Metallic blue and grey colors make it a style icon!

Reasons to Choose

  • Super lightweight fabric for fast performance.
  • Optimal comfort and flawless flexibility.
  • Adjustable drawstring for a perfect fit.
  • Perfect for four-stroke swimmers.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • It may not be comfortable for all body types.
  • May feel difficult to put on.

COOFANDY Men’s Swim Trunks

Whether you are racking up the laps in the pool, hitting a beach festival, or just chilling at the lakeside, get some latest trend-led looks with COOFANDY Men’s swim trunks!

COOFANDY Men's Swim Trunks
COOFANDY Men’s Swim Trunks, Photo Source: amazon

COOFANDY Men’s Swim Trunk features a classic solid color design with a silky smooth mesh lining and drawcord waist for the required adjustments.

Perfect for harsh summer sun, the COOFANDY Men’s Swim Trunk is a way to keep cool on and off the water. The lightweight polyester fabric is both super easy to dry and durable, making these trunks perfect for an active day around town.

These men’s swim shorts also include a zipper pocket for securing your essentials. There is a side split to the hem for the ultimate freedom of movement and it makes this swim trunk a perfect summer-mate.

Available in plenty of beautiful summer colors.

Reasons to Choose

  • Comfortable mesh lining. 
  • Made of polyester fabric, super easy to dry and lightweight.
  • The shorts have zipper pockets and a side split for free movement
  • Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Men’s Swim Briefs.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • It may not be as breathable as other materials.
  • Colors may bleed in a few washes.
  • The short length is not recommended for modest swimmers.

Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks

Whether headed to unwinding at the beach, lounging at the poolside, or just swimming on a hot day, Kanu Surf presents the most comfortable and durable swim trunks yet.

Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda Swim Trunks
Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks, Photo Source: amazon

It is famous for its ultimate comfort, lightweight ease, quick dry fabric, and UPF50+ sun protection.

With its various beautiful prints, Kanu Surf swim trunks for men are designed to make you stand out in the pool.

They have 2 side cargo pockets for keeping your essentials safe. These trunks have been built to last with triple needle stitching at seams and rise for extra durability.

The Kanu Barracuda Swim Trunk features a relaxed fit and elasticized waistband with a drawstring for secure, comfortable wear during laps or lounging.

Finally, a contrasting print on side stripes adds an extra dash of style to these already stylish and comfortable swimming shorts.

Reasons to Choose

  • Comfortable and Quick drying.
  • Breathable, UV-resistant, and Lightweight.
  • Two side cargo pockets.
  • Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Men’s Swim Trunks.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • It may not be as durable as some other swim trunks on the list.
  • Can sometimes ride up when swimming.
  • Not for serious lap swimmers.

Biwisy Men’s Swim Trunks

These are high-quality swim trunks for men who do laps in the pool. The 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex fabric blend makes it incredibly stretchable and comfortable.

Biwisy Men's Swim Trunks
Biwisy Men’s Swim Trunks, Photo Source: amazon

The trunks are super lightweight, breathable, and also dry quickly, so you don’t have to wait around!

It comes with a mesh lining, two side pockets, and a drawstring closure for added comfort, support, and security.

The numerous funky colors and prints of these swim trunks make you stand out from the crowd.

Reasons to Choose

  • Quick-drying fabric.
  • Lightweight, stretchable, and breathable.
  • Mesh lining for comfort.
  • Each side has a pocket for keeping your belongings.
  • Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Men’s Novelty Swimwear.

Reasons NOT to Choose

  • Not recommended for serious lap swimming and competitions.
  • Not having UV-resistant and Chlorine-resistant fabric.

Final Words

In short, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing men’s swim trunks for laps. First, know your exact purpose of buying a swim trunks, whether for practice or racing.

Secondly, make sure the pair is made from comfortable material and well-constructed to won’t fall apart after a few laps.

Finally, choose a style that provides good coverage and support without being too tight or constricting.

With these things in mind, you’ll get the right pair to enjoy your laps and reach your fitness goals.