20 Best Oversized Beach Towels

It’s time to say goodbye to your old narrow beach buddies and hug one of our 20 best-oversized beach towels, in 2023 for a comfortable seaside vacation.

Beach towels are a must-have beach essential. And, if you are lucky enough to hit an oversized one, you’ll definitely get a wonderful sand-free beach experience.

Whether it’s about laying on the sand, drying yourself after a cool dip, or simply lounging nearby a pool, the following oversized beach towels will save you from the hot beach sand and let you share it with your loved ones.

Quick Comparison of the Best Oversized Beach Towels

ProductSize (inches)Weight (pounds)MaterialColors & Patterns
Winthome Microfiber 70″L x 40″W1.96 Microfiber4
Kaufman Ultrasoft 62″L x 32″W4.95 Cotton4
Sand Cloud Large Turkish – Whale Shark Design64″L x 38″W0.75100% Turkish Cotton1
WETCAT Turkish 71″L x 38″W0.656100% Turkish Cotton24
Laguna Beach Textile Co. Striped Cabana 70″L x 35″W2.41630 Gsm Soft Cotton12
TEQQO Velour Jacquard oversized70″L x 35″W1.43Combed Cotton6
Genovega 2 Packs Oversized 74″L x 36″W1.81 Polyester6
POUFIHARS Oversized Large 71″L x 35″W0.76Microfiber8
Aysesa Sandproof Turkish75″L x 39″W0.70Turkish Cotton9
MIMITOOU Oversized 80″L x 36″W0.70Microfiber, polyester6
BAGAIL BASICS Microfiber X-Large64″L x 32″W 0.72Microfiber11
OCOOPA Sand Free82″L x 57″W1.2Microfiber (88% polyester and 12% nylon)8
LANE LINEN 100% Cotton72″L x 36″W8.16100% Ringspun Long Staple Cotton Terry5
Dock & Bay X-Large 78″L x 35″W1.05100% recycled materials
(83% polyester, 17% polyamide)
Amazon Basics Cabana Stripe – Pack of 460″L x 30″W5.12100% Cotton9
Bdsign Oversized Microfiber 74″L x 74″W1.52Microfiber3
Fibertone Luxurious Oversized 70″L x 30″W1.25Cotton Blend
(86% Ring Spun Cotton; 14% Polyester)
Lacoste Wave2 72″L x 36″W 1.39100% Cotton1
SCOUT Home Oversized70″L x 40″W2.05100% Terry Cotton4
Pendleton Oversize Jacquard70″L x 40″W2.1100% Cotton1

Top 20 Best Oversized Beach Towels in 2023

Best Oversized Beach Towels
Best Oversized Beach Towels, Source: amazon

Here, you’ll find the 20 best-oversized beach towels that are large in size, sand-free, super-absorbent, soft, fluffy, eye-catching, and easy to clean.

Winthome Microfiber 2-pack Beach Towels

The Winthome’s extra-large microfiber beach towels are specially designed for families that love colors, life, and togetherness.

With its thinner, lighter, super-absorbent, and sandless construction, it wins hundreds of beach-worshipper hearts. The thick barrier absorbs 7x dust and moisture while keeping the surface clean.

No more exhaustive waiting time to dry it off as its upgraded material dries 3x faster than traditional terrycloth. It dries off in just 10 minutes with air drying.

For a sand-less beach experience, give it a strong shake 2-3 times and you are ready to go back home sand-free.

It is versatile and beautiful enough to be used as a body wrap, wall-hanging tapestry, couch cover, tablecloth, sports mat, yoga mat, pool towel, camping blanket, etc.

The vibrant and fade-less colors and patterns help you to stand out from the beach crowd. Some of the summer-inspired popular patterns are rainbow beach towels and tie & dye beach towels.

These 2 towels are 1.5x lighter as compared to terrycloth and compact enough to be packed easily in a given transparent zipper bag.

Reasons to Buy

  • Made from eco-friendly material.
  • Machine-washable

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Limited color options.

Kaufman Ultrasoft Plush Large Beach Towels

The secret behind the Kaufman ultrasoft plush big cuddlies is its fabrication with 100% premium-quality combed ring-spun cotton velour.

This material makes them feel super soft, luxurious, and suitable for sensitive skin. The thick and plush velour construction on one side and cotton terry loops on the other make it a quick-drying, extra absorbent, fluffy, and multipurpose beach towel.

The 100% combed ring-spun cotton fabric also makes washing easy and lint-free. The generous size of 32″ x 62″ makes it perfect for seaside parties with your family.

Other than the beach, you can easily use it as home decor, bathroom rugs, or pool lounging. These large-size towels come in unique yarn-dye cabana stripe designs in 4 colors to give you a chic look at the beach.

Additionally, easy washing, simple air drying, compatibility, and versatility make it a great beach partner. Its plush warm hug easily absorbs every bit of moisture from your body.

The beautiful contrasting end hem finish gives it extra durability and maintains its shape.

Also, they are machine washable and tumble dry-safe. Make sure to use cold water to avoid color bleeding and tumble dry on a low setting to make them long-lasting.

Reasons to Buy

  • 100% high-quality combed ring-spun cotton velour.
  • Comes with a pretty end hem for keeping it in good shape.
  • Feature in 4 colorful summery stripes.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Take time for air-drying.
  • Some people find the colors fading with time.

Sand Cloud Large Turkish Beach Towel – Whale Shark Design

Exclusively hand-loomed in Turkey, Sand Cloud towels are world famous for their 100% ultrasoft Turkish cotton material.

The Turkish cotton and hand-loom weaving make it super soft absorbent, quick-drying, sand-resistant, durable, and lightweight.

The single weave jacquard, whale shark swimming in a reef design, and twisted tassel fringe make it super cool for sunbathing in style or make it a sexy sarong.

Its lightweight and compact design make it perfect to fit in any bag by engaging too little space.

Make sure to wash and air dry it before use for a soft hand feel. It is recommended to hand wash, machine wash gently, use mild detergent, preferably air dry, or tumble dry on a low setting.

Also avoid fabric softeners, bleach, and drying sheets.

Reasons to Buy

  • 100% Turkish cotton and sand-resistant beach towel.
  • Features a beautiful marine whale shark design, single weave jacquard, and twisted tassel fringe.
  • Cotton fabric is super soft and good for sensitive skin.
  • Ultra lightweight at only 0.75 pounds and engages little space.
  • Perfect to wear in multiple body wrap ways.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Doesn’t come with a storage bag.
  • Little expensive but definitely its overall functionality and design are worth it.

WETCAT Turkish Beach Towels

If you want a super absorbent, ultra-lightweight, face resistant, quick-dry, compact, extremely soft, low-linting, stylish, 100% Turkish cotton beach towel, look no further and buy WETCAT Turkish beach towel.

They have a cool summer feel, multiple color options, and a pretty tassel design at the borders. WETCAT towels are multipurpose to be equally used as bath towels, yoga cloths, picnic blankets, traveling, camping, pool towel, and baby wrap.

With these beach furries, you will definitely bring beautiful memories at home, not the beachy sand.

As they are lightweight and quick-drying, they are free from any damp odors and frequent visits to the dryer or washer.

They come prewashed for a magical soft touch and are made in Turkey with OEKO-TEX-certified natural dyed yarn. That’s why it makes it equally safe for you and the environment.

Reasons to Buy

  • 100% Turkish cotton and prewashed for an extraordinarily soft feel.
  • Sand-free with just a flick.
  • Comes in 24 summer pastel colors.
  • Ultra lightweight weighing only 0.656 pounds and compact.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • A little pricey.
  • Its thin construction can give you a little poky experience while laying on the beach sand.

Laguna Beach Textile Co. Striped Cabana Beach Towel

The Laguna Beach Textile Co. aims to maximize plushness and durability without sacrificing the design element.

If you are getting bored of those light and thin beach towels and want a more plush warm hug, then chose this 630 Gsm soft cotton beach towel. They are 50% thicker and plushier as compared to a typical beach towel for extra absorbency, softness, durability, and extreme comfort.

Whether you are sunbathing on the beach or lounging by the pool, this versatile beach towel will provide you a cozy and poke-free comfort for drying off, bundling up, and lounging.

It is regarded as one of the best-oversized beach towels that are ideal for stretching out on the beach sand for tanning or for drying off.

Its classic cabana stripy design is undoubtedly a summer beach staple. The stripy style comes in 10+ color combinations for choosing a unique one for you and your loved ones.

Reasons to Buy

  • 50% thicker, softer, and plushier as compared to a typical beach towel with its 630 GSM soft cotton material.
  • Classic Cabana Summer design with 12 color options.
  • Provide maximum coverage and a poke-free comfortable beach experience.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Take a little while longer to dry.
  • Engage more space to carry and store.

TEQQO Velour Jacquard Cotton Towels oversized

Whether it’s swimming, bathing, relaxing, picnicking, camping, boating, or traveling, TEQQO Velour Jacquard Cotton towels are perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor tropical activities.

The TEQQO cotton beach towels’ supreme absorbency, velour softness, and large size make them ideal for sunbathing, lounging, and wrapping to dry.

Its combed cotton healthy material feels comfortable on bare skin. The plush, breathable, and premium fluffiness offer the body a delicate spa towel touch.

The 100% pure cotton durability is great for your gym, sports, yoga, and exercise needs. Their lightweight and compact design make it easy to roll into your beach bag in no time.

They are featured in 6 non-printed tropical colors that are exclusively yarn-dyed to avoid color fading.

Reasons to Buy

  • Yarn-dyed non-printed colors to avoid color fading even after multiple washes.
  • Comes in a gradient color pattern with jacquard technology.
  • Velour soft 100% combed cotton presents a spa experience at the beach.
  • Provide maximum absorbency and a warm feel.
  • The large size gives more space to easily stretch out and wrap around the body.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • A bit linty for washing.
  • Little Expensive

Genovega 2 Packs Oversized Beach Towels

The 2 beach towels in one pack by Genovega give you a perfect balance between fashion and functionality.

They are lightweight, odorless, fast-drying, absorbable, and portable. Their giant size provides extensive coverage by wrapping around your body to dry and avoid sunburn.

Sand-free construction is to be just shaken out to flick out the little invading grains and can be put back in your beach bag easily by folding them up into small rolls.

It also acts as a cushion for comfortable sitting with your family and not bothering about space anxiety.

Their exquisite patterns give you a chic look at the seaside. The fringe detail at all 4 borders makes it look beautiful and also helps in maintaining its shape.

You can use them in multiple ways; from the beach to a bath, from home to gyms, and from pool to a spa.

Reasons to Buy

  • Comes in a variety of beautiful tropical patterns and colors.
  • Eco-friendly and AZO-free dying.
  • Polyester microfiber fabric makes it super durable and long-lasting.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Some people find it a bit sticky to the skin when being used to dry.
  • Polyester fabric may not feel suitable for sensitive-skin people.

POUFIHARS Oversized Large Beach Towels

This double-sided beach towel is one of the most comfortable oversized beach towels, I have ever used. The 100% microfiber fabric makes them softer, fleecier, and long-lasting as compared to typical beach towels.

The seven chic summer patterns and double-sided design make it perfect for beach, pool, yoga, travel, camping, etc.

You can easily put this lightweight, ultra-thin, and compact beach towel in a given zipper bag.

The POUFIHARS oversized beach towel is definitely super absorbent by absorbing up to about 800ml of water. That’s why it helps to leave your body dry and warm after a cool summer dip.

It is also a fast-drying towel by drying 3x faster than an ordinary beach towel. No more lint while washing and drying.

The fabric used in the towel naturally keeps dust and sand from sticking. That’s why they just slip away with a gentle shake.

Although this beach towel is super thin, it has high density to keep you from the cold wind when you wrap it around your body. I personally love its wind-resistant thick surface that protects my son from beach sun and chill sea gusts.

Reasons to Buy

  • Double-sided towel with ultra-thin compatibility and super absorbency.
  • Wind-resistant thick surface and extra coverage from the sun.
  • 3x fast-drying than typical beach towels.
  • Comes with a zipper bag and a sewn-in hanging loop for easy hanging.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Microfiber fabric may feel uncomfortable.

Aysesa Sandproof Turkish Beach Towel

Beach towels must come with two qualities: sand-free and fast-dry. And this beach towel has both!

Other than this, the beach towel by Aysesa features a hidden zipper pocket for storing your secret stuff. This extra weight of your stored secret stuff will keep your beach towel from blowing away with the sea gusts.

The 100% natural Turkish cotton is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. In addition to that, it comes prewashed for a fresh and clean opening experience.

The bright and vibrant colors of the Aysesa beach towels make them great for giving as a gift.

Reasons to Buy

  • 100% Turkish cotton is lightweight, sand-free, and premium woven in Turkey.
  • Features a hidden zipper pocket.
  • Delicate fringes on both ends for a pretty feel.
  • Super cool colors that are perfect for both men and women.
  • Hypoallergenic fabric that is ideal for wrapping your infants.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • People find them a little thin for cushioning against rocky surfaces.
  • Only available in stripy and line patterns.

MIMITOOU Oversized Beach Towels

Made of 100% polyester, these microfiber oversized beach towels are fade-less and odor-less. They are ultra-absorbent and fast-drying.

The lightweight microfiber towels are versatile enough to be perfectly used for beaches, pools, picnics, baths, swimming, travel, fitness, camping, or simply wear it as a shawl.

You can leave the sand where it belongs with the help of this sand-free and compact towel. Save your time and energy by leaving it for machine wash, although make sure to avoid bleach and fabric softeners.

Reasons to Buy

  • Eco-friendly upgraded microfiber material.
  • Super soft, fast-drying, ultra-absorbent, and odorless.
  • Sand-free and super compact.
  • Machine washable.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Although prints are superb, some people find the colors flake off with each wash.
  • Don’t come with a storage bag.

BAGAIL BASICS Microfiber Towel

Bagail Travel Towel is an ultra-lightweight, compact, and durable beach towel. The silky-soft absorbs 4x its weight in water and easily packs down.

It comes with a small and soft zippered EVA travel case for safe and compact packing.

The towel features a snap-hanging loop that makes it easy to hang for drying or storing. A corner zipper pocket is another key consideration for keeping your belongings safe while enjoying the beach.

Finally, it comes in 8 different sizes so you can choose whatever you find perfect for your beach vacation.

For best results, make sure to wash it before first use.

Reasons to Buy

  • Whisper light and super compact.
  • Quick drying and small packed size make it ideal for long traveling excursions.
  • The unique fiber structure makes it highly absorbent.
  • It wicks away sand and has no mildew smell.
  • Machine-washable.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Rubbing can cause redness, just pat the skin dry.

OCOOPA Sand Free Beach Towel Microfiber

It features a 2-sided beach towel that makes it ideal for people who love a different look to hit the beach. The beach towel is superabsorbent, fast-drying, sand-wicking, and large enough to be doubled up as a blanket.

The vibrant eye-catching design of these towels makes it easy to stand out on the beach without any special outfit. I personally love its unique Adopt digital printing technology that avoids color-fading even after multiple washes.

This oversized beach towel provides extra space to lie down and is also perfect for beach get-togethers with friends or family.

The microfiber fabric of these large beach towels is designed to repel sand. Just shake off the sand with just a flick.

Simply roll this lightweight beach towel with the roll-on band and store it in a given bag to go for any water adventure!

Reasons to Buy

  • Skin-friendly beach towel.
  • Vibrant and colorful designs.
  • Super lightweight and compact that takes up very little space.
  • An ideal gift for beachgoers who need a big space to unwind at the beach.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Not come in solid colors.

LANE LINEN 100% Cotton Beach Towel – Pack of 4

Enjoy some well-deserved beach relaxation with these LANE LINEN 100% Cotton 4-in-1 Beach Towels. Also, the vibrant colors and classic cabana stripe design will brighten up your beach day out. Further, the yarn-dyed stripes ensure no color fading or bleeding.

Lane Linen’s oversized beach towels are versatile enough to be perfectly used at the beach, home, bathroom, pool, camp, gym, and outdoor setting.

It comes with a handy tote bag that is ideal to protect your belongings and carry your towels while hitting the beach or pool.

They are lint-free and easy to wash, just pop them in the washing machine and dryer, and here you go!

Reasons to Buy

  • 4 towels in one set with vibrant colors and a cabana stripe design.
  • 100% cotton for maximum comfort.
  • An oversized beach towel gives you enough space to move and turn around easily.
  • Special Twist Technology offers excellent absorbency and fast drying.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • They might feel a little weighty as compared to Turkish beach towels.
  • Only available in cabana stripe patterns.

Dock & Bay X-Large Beach Towel

The Dock & Bay beach towel comes with a thinner construction, quick-drying, and sand-wicking material that ultimately makes your beach day, a real unwinding experience.

It comes with a carrying case that is great to store and tote around.

The extra-large size gives you extra space to relax and share it with your friend.

Reasons to Buy

  • It has a handy elastic hook for easy hanging and drying.
  • Rolls up in a blink into a soft smart pouch.
  • Mildew and odor free.
  • Comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Some people may feel it is almost like velour and can be more used as a stylish blanket than to dry yourself.

Amazon Basics Cabana Stripe Beach Towel – Pack of 4

Firstly, these rainbow buddies are great for a family beach getaway with their reliable strength, durability, maximum coverage, and ultimate comfort.

Secondly, the cotton fabric of these beach towels gives feather softness, instant drying, and noticeable fluffiness.

The large size provides a warm hug by fully wrapping up your body and covering almost every sun lounger beside the coast for comfortable lounging.

Besides the functionality, the beach towel offers a nostalgic beach feel with its cabana stripe pattern and summery colors.

Reasons to Buy

  • 100% ring-spun pure cotton construction.
  • Beautiful cabana stripe patterns and fun colors.
  • The 4-in-1 pack available on Amazon

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • May leave lint while washing.

Bdsign Oversized Microfiber Beach Towel

If you want a thinner option that is super cool, absorbent, fast-dry, compact, and easy to pack, then forget about those cotton towels and go for this microfiber giant.

This 74×74 inches beach buddy absorbs 7 times more as compared to its weight in water. It dries 3x faster than a cotton beach towel and is completely sand-free.

Made from hypoallergenic microfiber material that is 85% polyester and 15% nylon mix. It is 100x finer than human hair, silk-soft, breathable, and durable.

Thinner, compact, and lightweight than any cotton beach towel makes it an ideal towel for a backpacking kit.

Machine washable with no color bleeding and lint-free. I recommend washing it before its first use for keeping its shape and softness.

Reasons to Buy

  • 74×74 inches giant is best for big families at the beach.
  • Super thin, lightweight, compact, and still durable.
  • Lint-free, odorless, and sand-free.
  • Maximum absorbency and instant drying as compared to cotton towels.
  • No color bleeding during machine wash.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Limited color options.
  • May feel a little poky while setting it on rocky surfaces.

Fibertone Luxurious Oversized Beach Towel 

The Fibertone by 1888 Mills is a brand that comes with the slogan: “bleach-safe color and built to last towels”.

The patented color technology by Fibertone withstands sunlight, sand, dirt, and multiple washes.

Fiberstone comes with an intimate mix of cotton and polyester that features soft, fluffy, excellent absorbent, and super durable beach towels that will last over time.

So no more worries about color bleeding and color fading. Bleach-safe colors allow you to bleach them for sanitation without the fear of color fading.

Reasons to Buy

  • The exclusive patent color technology ensures no color fading and no color bleeding from sun and washing.
  • Bleach-safe colors.
  • Soft and fluffy.
  • Comes in summer pastel colors and a cabana stripe pattern.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • It may cause lint during the wash.
  • Some people experience that the sand sometimes gets trapped in its loops.
  • Limited color options.

Lacoste Wave2 100% Cotton Beach Towel

Wishing for having a stylish yet cozy oversized beach towel?

Grab this 100% premium cotton velour with a terry loop reverse that feels super soft and gentle on the skin. Also, it provides maximum absorbency and instant drying.

They are spacious enough for comfortable lounging and fun sharing with your beach mates after a cool dip.

Its iconic wave design beautifully blends practicality with modern aesthetics. So, that you can get both – form and functionality in one.

Easy to clean by just tossing it into the washing machine. It is recommended to wash it before its first use for maximum softness.

Reasons to Buy

  • The cool cabana stripe pattern in wave touch is perfect for ocean waves lovers.
  • 100% cotton velour fabric with a terry loop reverse.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Only available in one color and pattern.

SCOUT Home Oversized Beach Towel

Enjoy sun, sea, and sand with this upgraded oversized Scout Beach Towel in hand.

Whether it’s wrapping for a warm touch, lounging for sun-worshipping, or just unwinding by laying on the sand, this 100% terry cotton beach towel can be your perfect beach-mate.

With its 4 playful summer designs, it helps you to stand out from the beach crowd.

The soft cotton material and solid terry reverse provide ultimate comfort and excellent absorbency.

Finally, the Scout beach towels come with a reusable logo terry band that helps in perfect and instant rolling up your beach fellow.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ultimate softness and maximum coverage.
  • Reusable logo terry loop for easy packing.
  • Amazon’s Choice item under “40×70 beach towels”.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • After a few washes, you may see the threads coming out.

Pendleton Oversized Jacquard Towel

First of all, this beach towel gains Climate Pledge Friendly by having sustainability certification of “MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX“.

Revamp your beach experience with this luxurious Pendleton Oversized Jacquard Towel that features Native American-inspired patterns. I have decorated my bedroom wall with this giant beauty.

For gentle soft touch and ultimate absorbency, it comes in 100% cotton material that is sheared on one side and looped on the other.

Reasons to Buy

  • Sheared on one side and looped on the other for ultimate softness and maximum absorbency.
  • Unique Native American-inspired design for aesthetic lovers.
  • 100% cotton for soft skin touch.
  • Climate Pledge Friendly item.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Limited color selection.


What size is an oversized beach towel?

The size of an oversized or large beach towel varies from brand to brand but it is generally denoted as approximately 70″ L x 40″ W or over.

What is a good-sized beach towel?

It should be big enough to comfortably lie on without the need to fold your legs and easily turn sideways without the fear of getting sandy.
A good size beach towel shouldn’t be so large that it’s difficult to carry. It is my recommendation to choose a size of about 70″ L x 35″ W for a beach towel.

What’s the difference between a pool towel and a beach towel?

Pool towels are generally less absorbent, more lightweight, and smaller as compared to Beach towels.
On the other hand, beach towels come with more absorbency and larger size, which makes them perfect for drying off after a cool sea dip.
Also, beach towels are more durable to withstand sand and saltish seawater.

Can you use a normal towel on a beach?

A beach towel is mostly used to lie on the beach than to dry off the beach body. That’s why a standard towel with a size of about 52″ x 27″ is not enough to comfortably lie on the beach as compared to a beach towel that is perfect for comfortable sand-free sunbathing.