10 Best Turkish Beach Towels

Come and let’s explore our 10 best-sorted Turkish beach towels that are lightweight, engage little space, wrap perfectly, and give you a sandless beach experience in 2023.

Turkish towelsalso known as Fouta, hammam, or peshtemal towels – are a new, smart, and stylish alternative to standard terrycloth beach towels. You can also compare Turkish towels with Egyptian towels to better understand the difference in the quality of the material used.

Quick-drying, ultra-absorbency, feather softness, compact nature, versatility, and portability, these Turkish beach towels have all of these things for you.

Quick Comparison of Best Turkish Beach Towels

ProductSize (inches)Weight (pounds)Colors & Patterns
Sand Cloud69″L x 37″W1.086
WETCAT71″L x 38″W0.4524
Souk Home73″L x 39″W0.984
Die Caprie68″L x 36″W0.9610
Stripesheep Personalized71″L x 39″W9
HAVLULAND Pack of 271″L x 39″W1.2319
Clotho 6 Pack6
Smyrna Mediterranean Series71″L x 37″W1.1815
Aysesa75″L x 39″W0.8111
Bersuse Dual Layer70″L x 37″W0.725 Colors
12 Patterns

Top 10 Best Turkish Beach Towels in 2023

Sand Cloud Large Turkish Beach Towel – Gocek (Denim)

The 69″L x 37″W Sand Cloud Large Turkish towel literally gives you everything that one could ask for in a beach towel.

Hand-loomed in Turkey and 100% GOTS-certificated Turkish organic cotton yarns, they are built to last!

Woven with longer fibers for creating a stronger, softer, and more absorbent towel as compared to regular terrycloth beach towels.

And with each wash, they become softer and more absorbent. The strength of Sand Cloud Turkish beach towel gives you the durability and reliability that you need for ongoing crazy summer adventures.

Plus, they are smooth, soft, and thin enough to feel just like a cloud. These Turkish towels are lightweight and ultra-absorbent which you really need after a long day of summer surfing or dipping.

From home to the beach, Sand Cloud Turkish towels’ versatility makes them a must-have for any season!

Reasons to Buy

  • 100% sand resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easily rolled up into a small beach tote.
  • Stylish and multipurpose.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Not Compatible with Machine Washing

WETCAT Turkish Beach Towel

Whether it’s a beach vacation or a pool party, going to yoga or spa, planning a picnic, or relaxing at home, this super versatile WETCAT Turkish Beach Towel is there for you.

Its prewashed feature gives you a softer, more absorbent, and minimal shrinkage advantage. They are mindfully made in Turkey with 100% premium Turkish cotton material and OEKO-TEX-certified natural dyed yarn for a light airy feel and intact colors.

They are sand-resistant, super absorbent, compact, and quick to dry up. The extra large 71″L x 38″W size provides maximum coverage and a comfortable wrap.

In humid climates and poorly ventilated spaces, no more worries about musty and nasty odors because of its quick drying.

Reasons to Buy

  • Stylish with 24 color choices
  • Hassle-free cleaning with its washer and dryer-safe feature.
  • Ready to be reused with no more musty odors.
  • Low Linting
  • Sand-free

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • The tassels just become tangled strings after a few washes.

Souk Home Sand Free Beach Towel

Exclusively handwoven by local artisans and inspired by the hidden gems of the Mediterranean, Souk Home Sand Free Beach towels are made from sustainably sourced genuine Turkish cotton for ultra softness and durability.

These towels dry 3x faster than standard terrycloth towels, so no more worries about storing damp beach towels back home.

The sand-resistant technology leaves the sand where it belongs with just a strong flick. The prewashed material avoids shrinking and fading.

The Souk Home towel can be equally used as a pool towel, bath towel, picnic blanket, yoga blanket, spa towel, gym towel, shawl, or light throw. 

The extra large 73″L x 39″W sized towel is yet super compact and lightweight that weighs only 0.98 lbs. It engages less space in your tote or closet. Extremely convenient to roll up and pack for backpack traveling.

In short, the quality, colors, stitching, and material are all up to the mark which really amazed me.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extra large size, yet compact and lightweight.
  • Sustainably sourced and free of harmful chemicals.
  • Handwoven by local artisans who hand-loom towels for generations.
  • Prewashed and machine washable.
  • Quick dry and sand-resistant.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • The loose tassels at the end may bring some sand back home.

Die Caprie Turkish Towel

Created from 100% organic Turkish Cotton by using OEKO-TEX Certified Anatolian yarn, the Die Caprie Turkish Towel gives you a soft feeling, lightness, maximum absorbency, and instant drying advantages.

The eco-friendly unisex beach towel can be used as a pareo, yoga blanket, scarf, throw, sarong, shawl, or wall decor. 

Make a style statement at the beach with this chic Turkish towel that is available in 10 summer colors.

Last but not least, they are machine washable and dryer-safe, however, make sure to use a gentle cycle and tumble dry at low.

Reasons to Buy

  • Maximum absorbency and ultra-softness.
  • Softer with each wash.
  • Prewashed material.
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe.
  • Available in 10 pastel colors.
  • Best for RVs and backpackers as it dries quickly and saves a lot of storage space.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Long but not enough wide for a comfortable sand-free laying.

Stripesheep Personalized Turkish Beach Towel

If someone is planning a beach destination wedding, this embroidered personalized Turkish beach towel by Stripesheep is definitely an amazing theme gift for bridesmaids.

Aside from the upper case English alphabet i.e. A, B, C, etc, you can also personalize towels with your name or anything you want to write for giving a beach theme gift.

Make your bridal party or spa party picture more attractive with these customized embroidered beach towels. Comes with the same Turkish towel signature softness, ultra absorbency, quick-drying, compact, and lightweight nature.

Note: For ordering, please make sure to note the color of the towel, name, or title printing, font, and font color.

Reasons to Buy

  • Personalized Turkish Beach towels for bridesmaids or gifting as party favors.
  • Super soft and fancy.
  • Available in 9 colors and personalized title, caption, or name of your own choice.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Only available in a stripe pattern.

HAVLULAND Pack of 2 Turkish Beach Towel

The twin oversized 71″L x 39″W beach towels by HAVLULAND are perfect to complement the beach couple’s goals.

Using premium Turkish cotton and natural dyes, these towels are woven with extra-long fibers to give them a softer and stronger build.

For checking the level of absorbency, these towels absorb up to 9x their own weight in liquid. They are water-wicking and sand-resistant to give you a warm and dry feel instantly.

Quick drying, cloud soft, and lightweight for easy handling. No more worries about shirking, or stiffening, as these beach towels come prewashed.

Tumble dried quickly i.e. takes about 20 min at low as compared to terry towels which take 60 min at high.

Ditch your old terry beach towel by choosing one pack of 2 among 19 color options.

Reasons to Buy

  • Available in 19 fun colors.
  • Absorbs up to 9x its own weight in liquid.
  • Fast air and tumble drying.
  • Washer and dryer safe beach towels.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Not suitable for a solo beach vacation.

Clotho 6-Pack Turkish Beach Towel Set

Want to plan a family beach vacation or a friend’s seaside get-together? The Clotho 6-Pack Turkish Beach towel set should be definitely on your bucket list!

With all benefits of Turkish Cotton Beach towels, this 6-in-1 pack towel set comes with a reasonable price and beautiful pastel colors.

They are light, sand-proof, breathable, instant-drying, machine washable, and portable enough to tie with your beach tote.

The pack comes with 2 towel bands that are great for securing the towel while lounging on a beach chair.

Reasons to Buy

  • A pack of 6 is ideal for big families or friends’ coastal vacations.
  • With all advantages of 100% Turkish Cotton towels.
  • Features two towel bands in giftable packaging.
  • Washer and dryer safe beach towels.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Not recommended for a solo beach trip.

Smyrna Mediterranean Series Original Turkish Beach Towel

The combination of Smyrna Turkish Cotton signature design motifs with Oeko-Tex certified premium cotton is none other than a magical blend.

Smyrna Turkish Cotton is a synonym for softness and rich design. The towels can be equally used as a beach wrap, shawl, throw, hammam, sauna towel, spa towel, yoga, and gym mats.

Made from OEKO-TEX Certified 100% organic Turkish cotton, the Mediterranean-inspired towel series features a beautiful vintage design that comes prewashed for ultra-softness and durability.

The unisex beach towels are highly absorbable and fast dry. The 71″L x 37″W towels are big enough for relaxing beach lounging, yet lightweight enough to about 19 oz weight only.

The towels by Smyrna are chic, stylish, eco-friendly, and free of harmful chemicals so you can confidently use them as a baby wrap.

Reasons to Buy

  • Beautiful vintage design and comes in 15 exquisite colors.
  • Multipurpose
  • Highly absorbable and quick drying.
  • Takes up little space in your luggage and closet.
  • Get softer with each wash.
  • Machine washable.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • May feel a little uncomfortable on rocky or uneven surfaces.

Aysesa Sandproof Turkish Beach Towel

The Aysesa Sandproof Turkish Beach Towel comes with a large camouflaged zipper pocket for securing your valuable items like phones, wallets, keys, etc.

Its sand-free, light, instant drying, and compact nature makes it the ultimate beach towel. This oversized 75″L x 39″W Turkish beach towel gives maximum coverage and weighs only 0.81 lbs to be packed in a wink.

Wraps you comfortably, is great for laying on the sand, and also provides sun protection. Ideal for sensitive skin people as it is made from natural cotton that is pure hypoallergenic.

Lastly, no more worries about blowing with sea gusts because of the extra weight of the things that are securely stored inside its large zipper pocket.

Reasons to Buy

  • Large camouflage zipper pocket.
  • Super stylish and made from hypoallergenic material.
  • Prewashed material.
  • Soundproof and quick drying.
  • Extra large size provides maximum coverage.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Too thin to be comfortable laying on poky surfaces.

Bersuse 100% Cotton Carmen Dual Layer Turkish Towel

If you are bored of a single typical stripe Turkish towel design and wish for a 2-in-1 unique design, this towel is for you. As this Turkish towel comes in 12 different design patterns and 5 beautiful colors.

The towel comes in dual layer form that gives you 2 designs in one towel. It has the same benefits as a premium-quality Turkish cotton towel.

The size 70″L x 37″W is large enough to give a relaxing laying beach experience and also a comfortable wrap. They are soft and machine washable.

Finally, these sand-free and quick-drying beach towels come at extremely affordable prices.

Reasons to Buy

  • Dual layer design.
  • Super stylish with 12 unique patterns.
  • Natural-dyed and prewashed.
  • Large enough to provide maximum coverage and comfortable laying.
  • Sand-free and quick drying.
  • Most economical option on the list.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Limited color options.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Do Turkish towels make good beach towels?

Turkish towels are the ultimate beach towels because they are weaved from 100% pure Turkish cotton that airs dry quickly and is sand-free.

They are versatile and light enough to be used as a winter shawl, scarf, or light throw blanket for staying warm at home or during travel.

How do you pick the best Turkish towel?

Before buying a Turkish towel, make sure to look for ones that are purely made from Turkish cotton. 

After that check its weight which measures in grams per square meter (GSM). As it is a key indicator of good quality and impacts the overall feel of the towel.

Some experts recommend choosing Turkish towels that weigh at least 11 oz or higher for getting feather softness and maximum absorbency after a cool dip. Others suggest choosing low GSM i.e. 300 for getting a more lightweight one.

What are better Egyptian or Turkish towels?

The basic difference between Turkish and Egyptian cotton towels is their level of absorbency and drying speed.

Although both are weaved from 100% cotton. However, Egyptian cotton is made from longer fibers as compared to Turkish cotton which makes it more absorbent but slower to dry.

On the other hand, Turkish cotton is comparably less absorbent than Egyptian but it dries more quickly. Now it’s up to you to choose what is best for you.

What makes Turkish towels different?

Standard beach towel uses “a loop weave” that makes them a little weighty and more prone to get sandy. And over time, they are getting stiffer, scratchy, and less absorbent.

On the other side, Turkish towels are made from a flat weave that gives them a thin look, super-absorbent quality, quick dry, and sand-less design. The flat weave also gives them a compact form that engages less storage and carrying space.

Is Turkish cotton better than 100% cotton?

Turkish cotton towel feels softer and plusher as compared to typical cotton such as Pima, etc. And the reason behind its ultra-softness is its longer fiber weave.

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