Best Ways to Tie Beach Sarong

Best Ways to Tie Beach Sarong

Check out the best ways to tie a beach sarong.

Beach bees just wanna summer sea with sarongs.

Nothing can beat a sarong that adds an extra touch of spice to your beach outfit. It is a single piece of clothing that you can wear in several different ways.

Pick one and you are all set to look hot under the balmy sun. The bigger the sarong, the more ways you’ll have for tying it.

10 Ways to Tie Beach Sarong in the best possible style

Sarongs are lightweight, super easy to pack, and even to use on various occasions like on the beach, bar, cafe, pool party, streetwear, and camping, with just a few quick knots.

So, get ready to learn some hot ways to tie the summer’s most versatile coverup – the sarongs.

Short Wrap Skirt

Short Wrap Skirt sarong

One of the easiest ways to tie a beach sarong is to change it into a short wrap skirt. Whether you’re picking a sexy two-piece bikini or an elegant one-piece swimsuit, this style would be your perfect beach coverup.

First thing first, fold the sarong in half. Next, wrap it around your waist. And then pull the top ends together and tie them into a tight knot. However, if you want extra security, tie a double knot! Further, you can create two different looks by tying it on the side or tying it in the front.

You will make an asymmetrical hem with a little opening when you tie the ends together. However, wrap it flat around your waist and overlap the fabric for more coverage. Finally, rather than tying it on the side, tuck the edge into the waistband of your bikini bottom.

Long Wrap Skirt

Sarong as long wrap skirt

It is one of the sleek ways to tie a beach sarong over a beach bikini or swimsuit. Firstly, open it all the way up around. Next hold it around one side of the body, from the waist down. After that, tie the two top edges into a knot securely.

You can further create more styles like using a side knot to make a side slit or a front knot to make it on the front. Or you can do an off-center slit to style an offset slit that shows off one sexy leg.

You can wear it as a high-waisted silhouette if you prefer extra coverage by just positioning the top edge wherever it feels most comfortable.

Halter Dress Style

Sarong as Halter Dress Style

This island-inspired style is the girliest and most charming look for any body shape. It is an absolutely ideal look for laid-back summer days and nights. Now, let’s see how to turn a beach sarong into a classic halter dress style.

Firstly, hold it totally open and vertical in front of the body. Level its top edge with your collar bone and tie its ends together so they secure at your back neck just like a curtain tied around your neck and let it hang long. Now, lose down the front of your body.

You can have the option to decide where you want the actual hem to place like at your knee or above it by folding up the sarong to your waist to have your desired length. Now, pull those folded ends around your back and tie them at your back waist.

Here, you get a hot, playful halter dress with a sexy back-open look. It is ideal for wearing to a romantic lunch or intimate dinner on your favorite island!

Strapless Dress Style

Strapless Dress Styled sarong

One of the chic ways to tie the beach sarong is a strapless dress style that you can wear at the beach or on a casual outdoor lunch.

To create this classy look, start by holding the fabric open across the back of the body. Now, wrap it around your front by pulling it up under the armpits.

Next, tie it in the center, just above your bust. Finally, you can have the choice to leave the ends hanging or tie them into a bow. Even you can tuck them in to create an exotic look.

If you want the slit to be on the side, then start by wrapping it around the side of your body. Now, again tie the ends on the side under your armpit. Tuck the ends in. You can also pull the knot slightly towards the front for putting your arms down comfortably.

The side wrap gives you a super cute, offset look that will cover your midsection. However, it still reveals a bit of skin down the side.

For a more modest look, grab a few safety pins and pin the open edges together for more coverage. But remember to pin it on the inside so they don’t show!

Triangle Skirt Style

sarong as Triangle Skirt Style

It is one of the sexiest ways to tie a beach sarong, exclusively for beaches. For creating this hot triangle skirt style, one should fold the fabric in half and make a triangle.

Next, simply wrap the longest edge of the triangle around your waist. Finally, tie both corners together on any side of your butt. Here, you go!

Jumpsuit Dress Style

Jumpsuit Dress Style sarong

It is indeed one of the coolest ways to tie a beach sarong. It might take some time for creating this jumpsuit dress look but it is quite a simple task.

You have to just take a sarong and wrap it around your body taking it from under. Then tie it upwards or on your waist. Here you get a really stylish and sexy look for your next beach day out.

Shoulder Dress Style

One shoulder dress style to Tie Beach Sarong

Nothing is more easy-breezy than a flowing one-shoulder dress-style sarong. Besides the beach, it is perfect for streetwalk, lounging poolside, or even sipping a cocktail at a bar.

Create this look by holding the fabric vertically under one arm. Then bring the two corners up to the opposite side of the body. Now, tie them into a knot firmly on top of the shoulder. Sarong should feel loose and comfy with a side slit to show off a little bit of your tan skin.

For more coverage or a little modest look, you can cinch it at the waist so as not to be blown in the wind. You have to just gather some of the excess fabric at the waist and tie another tiny knot on the same side as the shoulder knot.

There will be an open slit at the bodice, just down the side as will the skirt, but it won’t be as flowy which is good for a windy day at the beach.

Mini Dress Style

Mini Dress style to Tie Beach Sarong

It is simple just like its name. You have to simply hold the fabric and lay it over your busts. Tie it just the center of the bust to create a sexy mini dress style. It is ideal for evening events on the beach or night-out pool parties.

 Blouse Style

Blouse style to Tie Beach Sarong

Batik sarongs are the best choice to tie sarongs in blouse style. Because they are made from lacey material that can be put tight around the waist to achieve a sleek feminine look.

Wedding Gown Style

Wedding gown style to Tie Beach Sarong

Sarong dresses are mostly used in beach destination weddings. Besides the bride, it is perfect for the bridesmaids as well.

They add a comfortable yet chic look to the beach. Remember to choose silky smooth material for the wedding sarong gowns. As they can be further utilized as sexy honeymoon lingerie.

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