Can You Go to the Beach if You're Pregnant?

Can You Go to the Beach if You’re Pregnant?

Yes, you can go to the beach if you are pregnant. However, there are some precautions. In this blog post, we have discussed the benefits, risks, and safety tips of going to the beach while you’re pregnant.

Benefits of going to the beach if you’re pregnant

Although during pregnancy you and your body go through a lot but going to the beach is safe and has few benefits if you are pregnant.

Spending Quality Time

First, pregnant ladies need to get pampered and a beach is an ideal place for having quality time with your partner and the little one in your womb.

Health and Fitness

For keeping you healthy and fit, you can go for some low-impact exercises on the beach. These exercises are good for your spine, blood circulation, and mental well-being.

Nature Healing

At the beach, you are close to nature i.e. the cascading waves, serene sky, flying birds, and golden sand. And nature has strong healing power and keeps you away from depression.


Swimming in shallows helps in reducing the strain on your joints that results from constantly toting around additional belly weight. Moreover, swimming is supposed to be good for the neurological system of your belly baby.

Walking on Sand

Finally, walking on beach sand gives a soothing and relaxing feel to your swallowed feet. It helps you feel stress-free and gives you negative ion benefits.

Risks of going to the beach while pregnancy

Here we tell you some of the pesky risks to pay special attention to while going to the beach during pregnancy!


Sweating and the wild sea gusts put pregnant ladies more at risk of dehydration. If they forget to hydrate them properly, it’s dangerous for their baby and their body.

As they need more water during pregnancy as their blood volume has risen significantly to fulfill the needs of their baby!

In addition, they need more fluids for meeting their baby’s amniotic fluid level as their pregnancy progresses.

Water Risks

Although swimming in gentle waves is good for the muscle relaxation of pregnant bees and their unborn babies. However, it comes with some potential risks:

Stinging Sea Creatures: Beware of stinging marine life like jellyfish, anemones, and hydroids.

Strong Currents: Pay attention to sudden rough tides as they could easily knock you down and create a disbalance. This could be dangerous for your belly baby.

Water Contamination: Make sure to avoid swallowing a gulp of seawater which is common while swimming and laughing. Currently, most of the seawater is contaminated with bacteria and chemicals that come from untreated sewage, boats, ships, faulty septic systems, untrained pets, and fertilizers. Water contamination is a leading cause of gastrointestinal illness during pregnancy.


At the beach, you are more at risk of sunburn which lessens folic acid in your body. Folic acid has a key role in nurturing your baby’s development and is vital for your own health.


The beach is good as far as it gives you a relaxing and soothing feel. But walking on the sliding sand and bearing unexpected situations at the beach can lead to tiredness and exhaustion at the end of the day.

Pregnant women are more prone to get too tired too quickly. Thus, a beach day out can be too exhaustive for you.


Pregnant bees should be careful of overheating during their first trimester. Thus, beach sun combined with pregnancy overheating can cause dehydration and heatstroke. This will lead to various pregnancy health defects.

Extreme overheating can even lead to pregnancy termination. So, it’s crucial to make sure that your body temperature shouldn’t go above 102°F. 

Safety Tips for Pregnant Ladies at the Beach

After knowing the possible risk factors of going to the beach during your pregnancy, are you still want to go to the beach? No worries. Do read the following useful safety tips to eliminate those pesky risks and enjoy a fear-free beach day:

  • Beach day doesn’t mean just basking under the shimmery sun, go for a shade. This will keep you safe from heatstroke, sunburn, and fatigue. You can find thousands of beach canopies, tents, umbrellas, and solo shades online.
  • Go for a lot of sunscreens with higher SPF.
  • Drink water and fluids more frequently to maintain your water level.
  • Always bring a lot of healthy snacks with you for keeping you energized.
  • Take frequent breaks for avoiding exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Try to choose a close-to-home beach destination or make sure that there should be a medical facility nearby the beach.
  • Avoid going alone at the beach because you don’t know which could be a critical moment during pregnancy.
  • While swimming, avoid swallowing seawater.
  • Stay away from strong currents, rocks, bumpy walks, and stinging sea creatures.
  • Keep your mommy-to-be beach essentials with you.


Don’t take your pregnancy as a disease. Embrace each and every moment of your pregnancy. Spent quality time with the little one inside your womb. Stay safe, cool, and hydrated at the beach.