Can you Put a Beach Towel in a Dryer

Can you Put a Beach Towel in a Dryer?

As a beach towel goer, the question of drying a beach towel in a dryer often leads you to confusion. Beach towels are an excellent breeding ground for germs and bacteria because of their damp nature and porous surface. That’s why drying has a key place in cleaning your beach towel. So, here we have to explain whether you can put beach towels in a dryer or not.

Is it Safe to put a Beach Towel in a Dryer?

Yes, you can put your beach towel in a dryer or tumble dry, but only when following any of the below ways:

1: Follow the Product’s Care Instructions

First and foremost, check the tag of the beach towel for getting to know the brand’s specific washing and care instructions.

  • Some instructions call for, “Do not tumble dry – air dry only”.
  • Other tags give you a cushion for using a dryer by giving you the direction, “Air drying is preferable, but tumble drying on a low setting is okay if required”.

2: Shake Well

Before popping a beach towel into a dryer, it’s crucial to give it two strong shakes:

  • First Shake Before Washing: Shake it hard enough to hear a “snap” sound to loosen the beach sand and helps to shred it off. As sand is equally damaging to the dryer as a washer. So, it’s good to first remove sand from the beach towel before swirling it in the washer and dryer.
  • Second Shake After Washing: Gently shaking your beach towel before letting it in the dryer will give a fluffiness and catalyze the drying process.

3: Dryer Setting

Now, it’s time to set your dryer at a low heat setting because high heat ruins its fibers, shrink it, and hardens the beach towel.

Avoid over-drying, dry cleaning, or ironing your beach towels, as they will negatively affect their absorbency.

4: Dry Separately

Make sure to dry the beach towels separately from the following clothing or fabric items to keep them from damaging:

  • Rough and abrasive stuff: Avoid drying beach towels with clothing that comes with buttons, zippers, or embellishments. As this can pull the fiber and result in fraying your beach mate.
  • Bath rugs: Dry them separately as this can also wear down and damages your beach towels.
  • Contrasting Colors: Dry with the same colored stuff to help their colors stay bright and intact.

5: Avoid Fabric Softener Sheets

Finally, avoid using fabric softener sheets while drying the beach towels in a dryer. As these sheets can leave a waxy coating on the towel’s fibers that results in reducing their natural absorbency.

Keep your towels soft, fluffy, and fresh by following these conditions for drying a beach towel in a dryer. 

Note: It’s highly recommended to hang dry or air dry your beach buddy for keeping it in good condition.