Can you Use a Bedsheet as a Beach-Towel

Can you Use a Bedsheet as a Beach Towel?

Yes, you can use a bedsheet as a beach towel in any weird situation at the beach.

For example, accidentally forgetting to bring your beach towel, beach towels going with the waves, your beach towel can’t accommodate a big family, or someone stealing your beach towel, etc.

Now, it’s time to know the following 7 amazing ways in which you can use a bedsheet as a beach towel:

7 Ways to Use a Bedsheet as a Beach Towel

Bedsheet as a Beach Mat

The beach sand feels soft, cushioning, and meditating for beach strolling or beach combing. But, when it comes to laying on the sand for sunbathing or for a family picnic it turns out to be so irritating and sticky.

The situation becomes worse if you don’t have a beach towel or beach mat. Here comes the fitted bedsheet that will save you from these tiny invading beach grains.

Follow the below steps to make a sand-less spot for you or for the family to enjoy the beach day. It’s as easy as covering your bed with fitted sheets.

  1. Firstly, take a normal-size fitted bedsheet and flick it open completely.
  2. Place it upside down on your selected sand spot.
  3. Now, spread it as much as it can stretch out.
  4. Use a cooler, beach bag, or any weighty object as your anchors by placing one at each of the four corners.
  5. Next, make four walls by pulling the fitted bedsheet corners up enough that they cover the anchors.
  6. You can add a beach umbrella in the middle for having a comfy and cozy space for your little ones to nap. (OPTIONAL)

Bedsheet as a Picnic Blanket

If you have a colorful or patterned bedsheet at home, there is no need to invest in buying a fancy picnic blanket or beach towel for unplanned picnics.

You can use it for large family picnics. Moreover, ignore spilling juices, ketchup, or kids’ dirty hands, if it is an old bedsheet.

Finally, you can use an old bedsheet underneath the picnic or beach blanket to protect it from dirt, moisture, or sand.

Bedsheet as a Beach Wrap

One of the best use of bedsheets as beach towels is to utilize them as a beach wrap. Bedsheets are normally lightweight, quick-drying, soft, and absorbent.

So, they are good enough to give you or your little ones a warm hug after a splashy and sweaty beach day.

Typically, bedsheets are big enough to be used as a single romantic wrap for couples to enjoy beautiful beach evenings.

If you have an artistic mind, you can use a small-size bedsheet as a no-sew sexy beach cover-up or a sarong.

Bedsheet as a Beach Tent

Another utilization of bedsheets is to use them as a tent or fort to keep you from the scorching sun.

This is also a fun and creative activity to do with your kids at the beach. It’s as easy and simple as making an indoor kids’ fort or Teepees.

You can form any type of shade i.e. tents or canopies by using your old bedsheets, cords, rods, and anchors.

Bedsheet as a Lounge Chair Cover

After experiencing the comfort and aesthetics of lounge chair covers, no one wants to return to an uncovered lounge chair.

Most fitted twin sheets beautifully cover your lounge chair with the help of a little creative tucking and some safety pins.

Cotton bedsheets work best to give you an absorbent, soft, and quick-drying experience after bathing in the pool or beach.

Bedsheet as a Hammock

Want to swing into slumber by only listening to sea waves and wild gusts as your background music? Just take an old bedsheet, and tie the corners with some swaying coastal trees or with any other support.

You are ready with a DIY beach hammock for you to enjoy a read or for a sound-sweet nap for your little tot.

Bedsheet as a Beach Carrier

Finally, bedsheets can also work well for wrapping and bringing back your weighty beach stuff safely to the car and eventually at home.

  1. For this, simply spread out the bedsheet on the ground.
  2. Place large and bulky items at the center of the bedsheet.
  3. Take opposite covers of the bedsheet in a cross shape and tie them together.
  4. Repeat the tieing step for the other two corners while putting a rod in it.
  5. Two people can carry it easily with the rod’s ends. (If it’s not too heavy, only one person can hang it on its back without using a rod).