How to Cover up Scars on Legs for Swimming?

How to Cover up Scars on Legs for Swimming?

If you have scars on your legs from previous surgeries, accidents, or self-harm, don’t let them keep you from enjoying the pool or beach. Let’s talk about the best ways to decide how to cover up scars on your legs for swimming with confidence.

Best Ways to Cover up Scars on Legs for Swimming

It’s time to break out the swimsuits and feel confident in the skin by using any of the following ways to cover up scars on your legs when swimming.

Use a Cover-Up Product

Covering up new scars or wounds before swimming is important to avoid infection and further irritation. Look for products that are water-resistant and offer full coverage, as a foundation or concealer.

If you’re swimming in saltwater, make sure to use a product that won’t sting or burn when it comes in contact with the wound.

Try a Cover-Up Bandage

For large scars, a bandage may be the best bet. Look for a waterproof bandage that won’t fall off in the water.

Also, find bandages that are specifically designed for covering up scars. These usually have a silicone gel that helps to flatten the scar and make it less visible.

Wear Cover-Up Clothing

Another great way to cover scars on the legs for swimming is to wear clothing that shield the affected area. This could be a pair of shorts, a skirt, or even a one-piece swimsuit.

If you’re worried about the clothing getting wet, get a wetsuit or wrap a sarong around the waist.

Wear Skin Colored Leggings to Hide Scar

For a more subtle way to cover up scars, try wearing skin-colored leggings. This will help to even out skin tone and make the scar less visible.

Find leggings that have a built-in sunscreen, which is perfect for protecting skin while swimming.

Use a Self-Tanner

In case you want to cover up scars and get a bit of color, always use a self-tanner.

Just make sure to use a water-resistant self-tanner. In addition, exfoliate the skin before applying the self-tanner, and use a product that is specifically designed for the body.

Go for Temporary Tattoos

For a fun and unique way to hide the scars, try temporary tattoos. There are a variety of designs available, so be sure to find something that loves.

Plus, tattoos are a great way to show up personality and style.

Go for a Permanent Plastic Surgery

Well! for a permanent solution, you can always go for a plastic surgery cover-up. This is a great option to get rid of a large scar.

Just make sure to consult with a plastic surgeon before making any decisions.

Don’t Hide Your Scars at All

And finally, one of the best ways to cover up scars is to not hide them at all. Scars are a part of who they are, and they should be celebrated. Embrace them and show them off with pride.


Remember the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Cover up those scars or just embrace them but never let them become a hurdle in your enjoyment.

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