Do Sand Cloud Towels Float?

Do Sand Cloud Towels Float?

Yes, the Sand towels actually float. The Sand Cloud Towels don’t sink in any kind of water body such as salt water, chlorinated pools, and freshwater for the following basis:

Sand Cloud Towels are made from a 100% Turkish Cotton material that is known for its “Air Mesh” qualities. This type of fabric is lightweight, compact, durable, and also water-repellent. They are designed to float on the surface of the water, as they have a quality to repel water. With this advantage, you can enjoy the beach or pool without worrying about your towel sinking to the bottom.

On the other side, standard terry towels sink as they come in contact with water.

So, what makes Sand Cloud Towel an absorbent beach wrap? All it needs is outside pressure for being ultra-absorbent on the skin or to be sunk in water. Sand Cloud Towels are not only lightweight, breathable, water absorbent, and water-repellent, but also quick-dring, hypoallergenic, and sand resistant.

I have also provided an answer to whether sand stick to sand cloud towels or not. You can check that if you are planning to take it to the beach.