Does Sand Stick to Sand Cloud Towels

Does Sand Stick to Sand Cloud Towels?

Sounds weird but does sand stick to Sand Cloud Towels? Let’s dig out the answer in this blog post.

On the balmy sun beaches of San Diego, Sand Cloud company was started by three old friends with an aim to reinvent a timeworn beach item – the beach towel.

They also have a mission to donate a specific percentage of their sales toward marine conservation organizations for marine life protection and preservation.

Does Sand Stick to Sand Cloud Towels?

“YES”, the beach towels from Sand Cloud are not only sand-resistant but also quick-drying, versatile, and thin to be extremely portable.

What makes the Sand Cloud Beach Towels, Sand-Resistant?

Sand Cloud Beach Towels are made from premium Turkish cotton thread and are woven with longer fibers that repel the sand as compared to a typical terry-cloth beach towel. That’s why sand does not stick to Sand Cloud towels, rather it slips from its surface.

After being sand-caked on the beach by being used as a beach mat, you can get it sand-less towel with just a flick. On the other hand, the normal terrycloth beach towel engages the pesky sand into its loops and fetches it into your car and apartment.

Thus, you can take it on all of your rough and tough summer beach adventures because of its superior sand-resistant material and construction.

Benefits of Sand Cloud Beach Towels

Let’s discuss some other advantages of Sand Cloud Turkish Cotton Towels:

  • The ultra-absorbent and quick-drying features work best for beaches, pools, lakes, water-theme parks, and also for gyms.
  • Durable and strong construction makes it a long-lasting beach buddy.
  • Super lightweight and thin.
  • Made from skin-friendly Turkish cotton material. That’s why it is soft and natural. It can be safely used for wrapping infants and is good for sensitive skin people.
  • These towels become more absorbent and velvety with every wash.
  • Versatile enough to be used as a wrap, sarong, scarf, beach mat, and picnic blanket. Even some 2-in-1 Sand Cloud towels can be turnable into beach bags.
  • Comes in various colors, sizes, and patterns that make it love for every beach-goer.
  • Most of all, Sand Cloud’s mission is to donate 10% of its profits to marine conservation with the hashtag #savethefishies. Sustainability is nurturing from their packaging to products.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to check the respective “Care Details” for keeping them in good condition for a long.