Guide to Making Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towels

Getting bored of your white beach towels? Let’s use this guide to make personalized tie-dye beach towels.

Summer holidays are incomplete without making something artistic and fun with your kids. Making personalized tie-dye beach towels is creative, easy, and joyful.

It also allows you to spend quality time with your little ones and let their imagination touches the sky.

Without further ado, get ready to jump into the process of making your own tie-dye beach towels that you can use for pool parties and beach fun.

A Step-to-Step Guide to Make Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towels

Personalized beach towels are trending nowadays on social media. They are a fun project to do with your little tots for the coming Christmas, let you easily recognize your beach towel at the beach, and even you can give them as party favors.

More importantly, you can also start a small online family business with these personalized tie-dye fluffies. So, let’s get started!


Before jumping to throw colors, it’s always good to gather the supplies that are supposed to be needed for the tie-dye towels.

For this personalized tie-dye beach towel project, you’ll need the following items:

  • 100% white cotton beach towels
  • Tulip One-Step Spray Dye Kit 7-Pack or Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party Kit 
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Gloves
  • Rubber bands
  • Tich buttons or snap fasteners
  • Plastic wrap or bag
  • Disposable tablecloth or plastic
  • Dust bin for avoiding the mess


It is highly recommended to use a 100% cotton beach towel because any manmade fabric won’t exhibit the bright and vibrant colors of your tie dye kit.

Afterward, make sure to utilize white beach towels as it allows the colors to show more prominently.

Prewash your beach towel using less detergent and without fabric softener for removing any stains or debris. Leave it damp to absorb the colors effectively.

Now, it’s time to secure the table with a disposable cloth or sheet and place the damp towel on that covered table to start tie-dye.

Tie Dye Techniques and Methods

You can use any of the 3 methods used to make personalized tie-dye beach towels.

Method 1

This is an easy and fun spray tie-dye practice. Kids find it much more interesting to personalize their tie-dye beach towels with their own names!

You can make separate personalized tie-dye towels for every member of the family for having fun under the sun. Or one can use this naming technique for customizing the beach towels for bridesmaids or as party favors.


  1. On the front of the towel, write any name you chose using duct tape and scissors.
  2. Now everyone! put on gloves, please.
  3. Give one spray tie-dye bottle to each kid.
  4. Next, begin with one color, and let’s spray on the towel in any desired design i.e. stripes, circles, or florals.
  5. If you are using thick terry cloth towels, make sure to spray colors on the back of the towel, too.
  6. Leave it to dry completely.
  7. Now, you can carefully remove the tape.
  8. Rinse the towel separately in cold water that is preferably mixed with some salt for retaining the colors.
  9. Dry it well.
  10. Use it for next summer’s aqua-adventure.

Method 2

This is the second method you can use to make tie dye beach towels.


  1. Firstly, lay down your white towel on the table.
  2. Roll it vertically or horizontally as per your own choice.
  3. Wrap some rubber bands around the rolly polly at the same distance apart.
  4. Make sure to secure the entire length of the towel with the rubber bands before coloring.
  5. Fill each bottle of Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party Kit with some water and shake it well.
  6. Apply dyes or spray tie dye to each section in a rainbow pattern.
  7. Always remember to rotate the towel so that the colors cover every bit of the towel.
  8. It’s time to wrap the whole towel in a plastic bag to keep it damp.
  9. Leave it in the bag to let the dye work for around 8 hours, or preferably overnight.
  10. Remove the rubber bands carefully from the towel.
  11. Rinse well with cold water and launder separately whenever you need.
  12. Hang dry or air dry.

Method 3

This technique can be called the crumple and scrunched technique for dying beach towel.


  1. Spread flat your damp towel onto the covered work surface.
  2. Let the kids scrunch a portion of the towel with their hands and wrap a rubber band around these portions.
  3. Repeat it on the entire towel surface in any pattern i.e. flower shape, circular, scattered, etc.
  4. Squeeze the dye on top of each crunched section.
  5. You may leave the non-crumpled section white or color them also.
  6. For thick towels, apply the color to the backside by flipping it over.
  7. Wrap the entire towel in a plastic bag and allow the colors to settle on the damp towel for almost 8-9 hours.
  8. Remove the rubber bands.
  9. Rinse using cold water and air dry well.
  10. Your artistic beach towel is ready to go.

Method 4

The last technique is the tich button method.


  1. Lay flat the towel on the covered table.
  2. Fasten some tich buttons or snap fasteners in any pattern on the towel.
  3. You can spray tie dye on the entire towel in any design.
  4. Or alternatively, you can tie it with rubber bands like in rolled tie-dye rainbow method and dye it by using a spiral pattern.
  5. Leave it wrapped in a plastic wrap for around 6-8 hours.
  6. Unwrap it and remove the tich buttons and rubber bands.
  7. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.
  8. Get an abstract tie-dye towel using the kids’ imagination.

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