How to get Beach Sand off your Feet?

How to get Beach Sand off your Feet

A beach can’t be imagined without sand. It makes a soft beachside bed for sunbathing, engages your little ones in making magnificent castles, and of course, grasps your beach umbrellas or canopy. Beachholics love the beach sand until it wants to come home with you. It is a waking nightmare to have sand cling to your towels, beach bag, your sofa, and worst of all, feet. However, the good news is here are our tips on how to easily get this grainy beach sand off your feet.

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7 Tips to Get Beach Sand off Your Feet & Also how you can avoid this happen

Wash it at Beach’s Public Shower

First of all, search for a beach public shower. Today, most beaches have outdoor shower facilities. So, quickly rinse the sand off your feet and body, there. Then dry yourself and quickly wear your shoes so that you don’t pick up any more sticky sand.

Moreover, washing off your body with natural water helps to avoid skin irritations i.e. swimmers’ itch.

Wear Open-toe and Water-Friendly Shoes

Flip-Flops are the best open-toed shoe option, as they allow sand to leave your shoes rather than trap or stick to your feet. On the other hand, water-friendly shoes are good in this regard. As you can wash them right along with your feet in a direct shower or foot bath. So stay sand-free and cherish the sandy beach experience.

Use a Baby Powder

Nowadays, using baby powder is the most trending way on social media to get the sand off your feet. Here, we discuss how it actually works. First, we all know that sand is hydrophilic. It means water molecules and sand stick together, which is why sand cannot be easily removed from your wet feet.

Now, there comes baby powder – a more hydrophilic substance – that will swiftly absorb the moisture that makes it sticky. Thus eventually allowing sand to loosen and fall off. When you apply it on wet, sandy skin, it vanishes all the moisture almost like magic. Now, you can brush it away.

Moreover, if don’t want your hands sandy, you can use a clean cloth or paintbrush to get the sand and baby powder off your feet. Another easy peasy tip is: you can put the powder into a sock and dab it on your feet to remove the moisture and sand.

Important note: Make sure to use the above trick of baby powder over a towel or bin so that it doesn’t end up in the sea.

Beach Sand Wipe Off Mitt

If you are allergic to talcum, then go for a “Beach Sand-off Mitt”. It is the latest innovation and an entirely accessible way of removing sand in any circumstance. Further, it is an incredibly convenient addition to any beach trip.

Sand-off mitts are a patented formulation that offers an all-natural and talcum-free way of wiping away the sticky sand. Just clapping your mitt and rubbing it on your skin will remove the sand that is interfering with the fun at the beach.

The sand-off cleaning mitt also works on suntan and sunblock applications. So, don’t worry about reapplying every time you want to be sand-free.

If you want to buy it, click the link.

Evaporation Works like Magic

If you’ve left the baby powder at home and still don’t buy the sand-off mitt, you can simply wait for your feet to evaporate the moisture. Next, simply brush the dry sand off your feet. It may take some time, but it will work just as well as it would have if you’d used baby powder or a sand-off mitt.

Get a Ride to a Sand-Free Spot

If your kids are getting mad because of their sticky sand toes, then lift your kid to the water’s edge. Next, carry them by the underarms. Wash their feet in the water. Finally, hitch them back over the beach to a sand-free zone.

Bring your Own Water

During packing for the beach, take a bin that is big enough to adjust your feet. As well as, bring along a big container or two of clean water. The show starts now:

  • Place the bin on a flat grassy surface, sidewalk, or in a beach parking lot.
    • First Option: Fill the bin with water and put your feet down in the bin so that the sand sinks to the bottom
    • Second Option: You can also pour the clean water from the container onto your feet over the bin to wash it off.

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