Tips to Keep Smell Out of the Beach Towels

Worried about getting smell in the beach towels? No problem, here you’ll find some amazing methods to keep the stinky odor away from the beach towel.

5 Ways to Get the Smell Out of the Beach Towels

If your beach towel has developed a musty odor, it cannot only feel nauseous but also the smell can be transferred to whatever it gets in touch with. The mildewy whiff from the beach towels not only smells bad but also indicates bacteria growth.

It’s crucial to get rid of that smell without further ado. That’s why let’s jump into the following 5 effective and easy ways to prevent beach towels to smell bad.

Buy Quick-Drying Towels

Firstly, it is highly recommended to purchase a quick-drying beach towel such as Turkish Beach Towels. They work best in damp places like beaches, pools, lakes, etc.

Quick-drying towels as their name suggest quickly dry up, thus, reducing the chances of getting stinky.

Hang the Beach Towels

Hang dry your beach towels after each use is a quick and easy hack to remove the stinky smell and also prevent the growth of various germs and bacteria.

Avoid leaving them damp in the bag or on the beach.

Just find a perfect place to hang it to allow it to dry thoroughly. The wild gusts of the sea are perfect for preventing that mildewy smell and harboring of pathogens.

If your beach towels are in white or light colors, make sure to hang them under direct sunlight to dry. As the balmy sun rays easily remove damp odor from the beach towels.

The sun’s rays have a natural antibacterial effect that helps sanitizes your towels.


While washing, it’s good to use the following tips for both the prevention and cure of stinky beach towels: Following are washing tips related to towels:

Tip #1: Frequent Disinfect your Washer

Beach towels can often catch germs and stink from the washer. Before washing, make sure to disinfect your washing machine.

Here is a DIY disinfecting solution for your washer:

  • Simply put 1/4 cup of household bleach in an empty washer.
  • Run the cycle by selecting the hot water setting.
  • Choose an extra rinse cycle to thoroughly remove any bleach residue.

Run an additional empty cycle to flush out any bits of bleach, if your washer doesn’t feature an extra rinse cycle.

Tip # 2: Avoid sitting Towels in the Washer for too Long

Don’t leave the beach towels in the washer for too long, as it causes a damp bad odor.

Tip # 3: Avoid Excessive Use of Detergent

Make sure to use less detergent. Because excessive use of detergent results in soapy residue build-up that nurtures unpleasant odors.

Tip # 4: Lighten the Load

Avoid overloading the washing machine as it doesn’t allow enough space for thoroughly washing the towels.

Tip # 5: Frequent Washing

Frequently wash your beach towels to avoid the stink.

Tip # 6: Use Hot Water

Using hot water for washing sanitizes much better as compared to cold wash. It not only helps prevent bacteria and mildew but also breaks down laundry additives that cause soapy build-ups. The hot water is great to kill the causes of smell such as bacteria, molds, and soapy build-ups.

Tip # 7: Wash with Washing Soda and Vinegar

Washing Soda helps in deeply lifting the debris and stink from the towel fiber and the vinegar flushes them out. The washing soda and vinegar magical solution helps to get the mildewy smell out of the beach towels.

  1. Take 1/2 cup of Washing Soda and mix it with your regular detergent.
  2. Wash as normal.
  3. Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar while running the rinse cycle. That’s it!

Tip # 8: Use Borax

Borax is known for its use as a detergent booster and a water softener. Loading your beach towels with borax will not only disinfect and deodorize the stinky towels but also clean out the stains.

Simply add ½ cup Borax to the washer for a normal load or soak towels in a hot water borax solution to strip out the hard stains. 

Tip # 9: Leave the Washer Door Open

Finally, it’s good to let the door of your washer open for a while between the washes to prevent any damp smell. The open door helps in letting the natural air dry out any stagnant moisture in the washer.


  1. After washing, immediately take out the towels from the washing machine and dry them.
  2. Select a low setting for tumble drying and don’t overload the dryer.
  3. Air dry is highly suggested for a lovely fresh air scent.
  4. Use dryer balls instead of fabric softener sheets.
  5. Alternate use of line drying and tumble drying.

 Storing to Prevent Beach Towel Smell

  1. Store the beach towels only when there is no moisture left in the towels.
  2. Choose a dry and airy place to store for avoiding the mildew that causes the stink.
  3. Avoid storing your beach towels in your bathrooms for keeping them protected from germs.
  4. Put some lavender sachet or balls for a pleasant fragrance and to keep the bugs away.
  5. Revisit your storage space and allow them to air dry, if you didn’t use the towels for too long.

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