best beach games to play with ball

Top 10 Beach Games to Play with a Ball

We have covered the best beach games to play with a ball, enjoyed by beachgoers worldwide.

People love to play on the beach. If you are looking for something exciting on the beach or you want to spend a more active day on the sand, we suggest you pick up any beach game that you can play with a ball.

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Best Beach Games to Play with a Ball along with Friends & Family

Bucket ball

This is an easy and simple game for your family and friends to play on a beach. Play! Throw! Splash! It is similar to the beer pong game which is usually played at some parties.

This is like a giant beer pong set that can be placed on beaches. The set of bucket balls is packable, simple, and lightweight so you can take it anywhere you want.

The bucket ball game is best for people of all ages and even children love to play this game.

This game includes tennis ball-sized balls and large baskets, the set includes six buckets for each team with two hybrid balls.

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Spike ball

Spike ball is one of the popular ball games for the beach.

The game is addicting and incredibly fun according to some reviews. The set of spike games is extremely portable, lightweight, and best for the beach.

The rules of this game are somehow similar to volleyball but with some twists, which makes this game more interesting. Four players split into two teams and the goal is to bounce the ball so that other players cannot catch it.

Players of all skill levels can enjoy it and the game is a great beach activity for adults and older kids.

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Tidalball can be played anywhere on the sand, just like cornhole. People of all ages can play this game and especially children love to play this.

The tidal ball can be played with 3-4 or more players. Each team has 3 Tidalballs of the same color and 6 Tidalball begin on the same side. The game begins with throwing and rolling a Tidalball at the opposing hole and trench. Cancel outscoring is used in this game. 

The Tidalball set is very affordable and includes six colored balls, a mesh carry bag, a sand scoop, and 4 koozies to keep your game beverages cool.

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Bocce ball

The bocce ball game is one of the most popular beach games. Bocce, also known as Italian lawn bowling is played all across the world.

Two players can play against each other or you can play in teams as well. Your main focus is to get your ball closer to pallina than your opponent. The set of bocce balls includes four green balls, four red balls, one white pallina, and a measuring device.

One thing you have to keep in mind, you can not play this game on crowded beaches. However, it is an easy and fun game.

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Toss and catch the ball

Tossing and catching the ball is a great way for children to get some exercise. In addition to that, it also helps them to work on their hand-eye coordination.

This game is more likely a combination of baseball and softball. The toss and catch ball set includes a storage bag, four paddles, and four bags.

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Everyone knows about Volleyball! The game really improves your balance, coordination, and flexibility.

The volleyball set includes one air pump, one volleyball, one net, stakes, two adjustable steel poles, one set of boundary lines, and a carrying bag. It takes a few minutes to set up.

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The cricket required one ball, four wickets, one bail, and one bat.

There are two opposite teams, each team takes turns playing the field and batting. Two batsmen are on the pitch at the same time and they score a run by changing places on the pitch. When the bowler knocks over the wicket, an out happens.

While playing cricket on the beach choose a smooth, flat piece of sand for the pitch. Old age people in your family can also play this game and can enjoy it with all the family on the beach.

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Waboba ball

Many people across the world love playing with waboba ball on the beach as its promises instant fun with your friends and family.

Waboba was first played in Sweden as a casual game. The ball is small and softer as compared to the regular playing ball. The most common method to play with this ball is to throw it so that it bounces on the water between you and your friends.

Once you start playing with this ball you will soon find out that throwing, bouncing, and catching waboba is great fun.

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Classic beach tennis

Beach tennis is a sport that is a combination of volleyball and tennis and is played on the beach.

There are two types of beach tennis with a ball and beach tennis with a paddle racket. Most people play tennis play on the beach in which two players are involved in you hit the ball and pass it to the other player and the ball should not hit the ground.

This is a very easy game that does not need any such instructions. Adults and children can enjoy the game on the beach, the ball is soft and will not hurt you.

The tennis kit is easy to carry and very lightweight, packed in a bag. The rackets are waterproof so you do not need to worry about any water damage on the beach.

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Ladder ball

The ladder ball is best for all ages and is easy to learn, packable, and easily assembled.

This ball game is quickly attracting people to the beaches because many people do not know about this game. The ladder set is economical and easy to take anywhere, especially on the beach. The set includes ladders and bolas. The main purpose of the game is to wrap the bolas around the steps of the ladder, there are three steps top, middle, and bottom step.

In this game we need two or four players, the ladders are placed 15 feet apart, and the players will throw the ball from one end to the other and then switch ends.

The ladder ball game is a little bit complicated game but you will easily improve in just one week.

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Bottom Line

Choosing the best ball beach game for adults and kids alike is very tough and difficult, so you have to pick the game according to the very moment, the number of players, and obviously the availability of the game-playing kits. Some beach ball games are very easy but some are very challenging. Buy several game kits to turn your next beach trip into a real party.

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