How to Use Palm Oil to Clear Sunburn?

How to Use Palm Oil to Clear Sunburn?

Summer vacation calls for fun under the sun, but the beachy sun can be sneaky too, causing sunburn. Take care of your skin by using natural ingredients like palm oil which is one of the best options for sunburns. Here you will know how can you use palm oil to clear sunburn in no time.

2 Effective Ways to Use Palm Oil to Clear the Sunburn

For over 5000 years, Palm oil has been used as a beauty product and for personal care by many individuals and manufacturers. Organic palm oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants, and saturated fats.

Palm oil or red palm oil has been extracted from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palms (Elaeis guineensis). These oil palms are mostly found in the rainforests of Africa, Southeast Asia, and some corners of South America.

You can either use palm oil separately without any other mix of ingredients or with some ingredients. We have discussed both ways to use palm oil for sunburn.

Using Only Palm Oil

Use organic palm oil directly on the sunburn area at night for two weeks and see the magic from the base up. Now, let’s explore how it works for getting virgin glowing skin!

Firstly, raw red palm oil comes with loads of vitamin E in tocopherol and tocotrienol form that not only treats sunburn on your skin but also protects your skin against the sun as a natural sunscreen.

Another UV ray protective ingredient in red palm oil is its carotenoids that protect your skin down to its cellular level as the oil penetrates deep down the skin.

Finally, the ingredients like flavonoids and squalene in the oil ease the sunburn scars on the skin and leave clear glowing skin.

Note: Everyone has skin that is different from others. Some can’t tolerate red palm oil and ends up with breakouts and clogged pores. Make sure to have a patch test before using it on your face.

Use Palm Oil With Other Ingredients

One can use it with other natural oils. There are tons of natural recipes on the internet. You can find one here.

Ingredients for Natural Sunburn Relief

After having the above ingredients, let’s hop to the step-by-step instructions for having natural sunburn relief with red palm oil:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Take a clean mason jar in a small size.
  2. Now, combine red palm oil, coconut oil, and shea butter in stated amounts.
  3. Microwave the oils until they come in a soft and mixable state.
  4. Stir them well to make a homogeneous mixture.
  5. Next, add and stir the aloe vera gel well in the mixture of three oils.
  6. Add the two essential oils.
  7. Stir well once more until the oils start to harden and become a soft rich lotion.
  8. The final lotion should be not in a loose state. If it will then stir again.
  9. Finally, let it completely cool and you can store it for almost 1-2 months in the refrigerator.
  10. Avoid using it when you’ll see molds appear in it.

The rich and natural composition of Vitamin E, medium-chain triglycerides, healthy fats, antioxidants, and carotene in red palm oil helps it to absorb into the dense layers of skin and provides healing from the inside out.

You can use this heavenly-scented lotion for not only sunburn but also for relieving the kid’s diaper rash, bug bites, chafing, inflamed skin, kitchen burns, and rug burns.

More Benefits of Red Palm Oil

  • Rich Moisturizer: Palm oil deeply moisturizes the skin because of its rich composition. It leaves the skin baby-soft and supple. The re-fattening agents in organic raw palm oil help in restoring the skin’s natural oils. That’s why it eases itchy skin, irritated cuticles, and inflamed skin.
  • Anti-aging Properties: Vitamin E and antioxidants like CoQ10 in palm oil act as anti-aging agents. It helps in mitigating wrinkles by enhancing elasticity and collagen in your skin. They also aid in proper blood circulation to end up having active skin cell regeneration. Moreover, Vitamin E promotes evening out the skin to have a polished and glowing complexion like never before.
  • Re-growth and Thicking Agent: Palm oil contains fat-soluble vitamins A and E to nourish the head scalp and hair roots for proper hair growth. Besides vitamin E, beta carotene in palm oil also helps in hair growth and hair thickness.

Final Words

Organic and unrefined palm oil is quite pricy that’s why it gains not much attention as other oils. But it is really worth spending because of its unique composition and rich reserve of valuable nutrients for getting a number of skin healing benefits.