waffle towel benefits

What is so great about Waffle Towels?

Add glamour to your seaside vacation with Waffle Towels. But what is so great about Waffle Towels? Let’s find it out here.

Waffle towels come with a special honeycomb design that not only gives them a luxurious look but also makes them more practical.

7 Benefits of Waffle Towels

Besides being super absorbent and quick drying, waffle weave towels are lightweight and breathable.

They are famous for spa, bath, and kitchen use because of their large surface area and waffle weave that effectively traps and absorbs moisture.

Nowadays, they are trending as the next beach sensation. With their quick-drying nature, one can easily remove the beach sand from a waffle towel with just a flick.

Scroll down to know 7 amazing features that make them a luxe choice for your next beach day out.

Environmental Friendly Material:

Mostly the material used in weaving these honey-comb designed towels is cotton and microfiber but the current trend is going toward using organic and sustainably sourced bamboo fabric and linen.

The use of eco-friendly material and its quick-drying feature benefits both people and the planet.

The waffle towels that are woven on a loom are more durable and soft as compared to chemically processed waffle towels.

Super Absorbent:

After coming in contact with water or moisture, waffle towels develop tiny honeycomb-like pockets, forming a giant surface area.

This mechanism lets the fabric excellently draw the moisture away, in contrast to pushing the moisture around as observed in many other towels. That is why they are perfect for damp spaces like beaches, resorts, spas, pools, and gyms.

The towel construction and material make it more “grippy” than the classic terrycloth towels.  

Quick-Drying and Sand-Free:

Waffle towels are thin and lightweight. Their special flat weave lets it dry (up to 40%) quicker and faster than others.

Firstly, because of their fast-drying feature, they repel sand and don’t let it stick to its dry surface. Secondly, it doesn’t have large loops that trap the beach sand as in the case of other terry weave towels.

Compact and Portable:

They are lightweight and compact so they don’t engage much space in any way. You can put it in your beach tote in just a blink.

Also, they can be easily loaded in a washer or spaced in a line closet because of their unique trim silhouette design. The compact and portable features of waffle towels make them great for beach Airbnbs, spas, resorts, small boats, and yachts.

In short, they are a travel expert because of their great compatibility, quicky-drying nature, and super portability.

Exfoliating Nature:

Another advantage to feeling great about waffle towels is their fabulous exfoliation nature!

The puffy and soft honeycombed texture creates gentle chinks that are perfect for a natural homey facial or revitalizing body massage.

Simply rub it gently on the specific area with a circular motion. Lubricate it for a softer and velvety feel.

Stylish Look:

The chic honeycomb design gives the waffle towel a luxe look for standing out from others in any setting. That is why it is often used in most lavish spas, grand hotels, and resorts.

Become Softer with Each Wash:

Waffle towels are often misunderstood because of their first rough-looking appearance and their waffle ridges. But don’t worry, they become amazingly soft and cuddly with each wash.

The natural and organic construction makes it a great choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin. 

Tip: Make sure to wash them by checking their care instructions in advance.