Why Does Food Taste Good After Swimming?

Do you find food tastier after having a cool dip-in? Yes but confused? You are not alone. Let’s explore the science behind “why does food taste good after swimming“.

5 Reasons Behind “Food Taste Good after Swimming”

Is there a science behind why food tastes good after swimming or is the salt air mixing with BBQ grease – the ultimate combination to trigger our appetite?

Down below are the best reasons why people love to eat after swimming.

Low-Intensity Workouts

After swimming in a pool or beach, you need to refuel yourself. The fuel circulates through your blood and pumps your muscles.

Hunger is the signal from your body that tells you to refuel as the fuel in your blood and muscles drops. It’s a natural phenomenon that the more you get the hunger signal, the more you find your food tastier.

Some exercises trigger your appetite and some reduce your hunger. The low-intensity workouts like low-intensity swimming make you hungry. 

However, the high-intensity workout releases signals of fullness, which in turn lessens your appetite.

Cool Water Temperature

High-intensity workouts are supposed to lessen your hunger. But do you find yourself still hungry after high-intensity swimming in a pool?

The science behind it is the cold water temperature that triggers a contradictive signal. This signal suppresses the signal of hunger suppression that is supposed to be triggered after high-intensity workouts. Thus, you find yourself hungry after swimming in cold water pools.

On the other hand, you can still suppress your hunger by choosing one of the following activities just after taking a cool dip in a pool:

  • Sipping a hot drink like tea or coffee etc.
  • Going for a 15-minute brisk walk.
  • Opt for a hot shower.

The above activities will take your body back to a stable temperature. As a result, it triggers your hunger-suppressing hormones over again.


Do you remember a BBQ pool party or a family dinner at a beach? You still remember that smoky aroma, sizzling grill, and salty air. The nostalgia increases our desire to take back those moments of togetherness and find the food tastier in that atmosphere.

Improved Sense of Smell

There is a relationship between access to fresh air, the ability to smell, and the ability to taste. Let’s explore it!

Your ability to taste depends on your ability to smell. Nasal congestion affects your ability to taste. The fresh air outside reduces congestion, thus perhaps you find food tastes good after swimming in a natural fresh environment.


Finally, natural elements like cool sand, misty air, crystal clear waters, and overall natural ambiance enhance your mood. The theory of biophilia tells us that people have an innate relationship with nature.

Nature makes you feel more relaxed and healthy. On the other hand, poorly ventilated buildings with high levels of carbon dioxide make you feel more stressed and tired.

People with natural surroundings and relaxed minds find food tastier than stressed individuals.

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